10 Things Buyers Will Want in 2016


Goodbye avocado green kitchens, hello clean and green features. Some of the desired trends for 2016 are not necessarily new ideas, but they are certainly gaining popularity. For example, green and environmentally friendly is not a new concept, but it has reached the top of the list of many developers and tech companies and now is on many buyer’s lists.

The NAHB’s International Builders Show (IBS), the Consumer Electronics Show (ECS) and the 2016 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) all had latest trends and products for the latest in healthy and technologically advanced homes.

If you are considering about putting your home on the market in the near future, take note of these top trends should your home be in need of any upgrades. Here are just a few of the trends that are popular for 2016.

Luxury Amenities – Popular high-end amenities will include outdoor shower and private museums. Another trait is for buyers to be purchasing the house next door to be utilized as guest quarters.

Clean Surfaces – Luxury vinyl flooring and larger tiles with less grouting will be more popular this year. Larger tiles in shower surrounds and walls in bathrooms will also have more of a simple and clean design using less grout making for easier maintenance.

Simplicity and Technology – Family friendly layouts with open floor plans and smart technology will be more prevalent this year. Well-designed homes with more space in common areas along with creative storage space will be sought after. Square footage is being trumped by technology. Homes that respect the environment with reduced energy consumption and sophisticated technology will be in pursuit especially by the millennial buyer.

Lighting – This year there will be a release by GE of a new smart LED bulb that can change the color of the light that is projected to sync with the body’s circadian rhythm. It will be called “C by GE” and uses Bluetooth connectivity to communicate with your smartphone so you can personalize color temperatures all day long.

Water Quality – Whole-home water filtration systems will be an ongoing trend. With clean living being promoted as much as it now is today, this feature will be common for those to include who are doing their renovation projects.

Cushioned Flooring – Cold flooring surfaces like concrete are phasing out. Cork flooring is now making a comeback and it comes in a variety of colors. This material makes for a much more comfortable surface than traditional wood flooring or ceramic tile.

Finishes – Stainless steel is phasing out and getting replaced by matte finishes. Stainless, black and white color themes will still exist, but matte finishes will hide fingerprints, smudges and dirt making for less maintenance and easier care.

Lower Pile Rugs – Shorter shags and patterned carpets will be replacing the standard plush variety. Cut and loop are now in as pattern and texture is often perceived as being a higher quality and compliment other home design elements very well.

Health Quality and Clean Living – Top trends will be materials and fabrics that don’t promote dust retention. Quartz stone countertops are lower maintenance with antibacterial properties and are durable. Undermounted sinks also promote cleanliness as there are no lips for bacteria to lurk.

Multifamily Construction – As Millennials and Gen Xers are forecasted to make up the majority of buyers for this year, new construction is beginning to consider the needs of these demographics. Factoring in amenities such as pet friendly facilities, spa services and on-site work spaces are all of great appeal for these crowds.

The elements of clean living and technology are certainly here to stay. Consider all of these trends when it comes time to update your home so that you have a desirable home for today’s modern lifestyle.