How to Add Curb Appeal for Buyers

Today’s real estate market is certainly robust with homes spending fewer days on the market. However, making sure that your home is in the best shape possible is still important to ensure a timely sale for the most amount of money. Don’t take the current market conditions for granted and underestimate the power of curb appeal, the exterior of your home is the first and last thing that every prospective buyer will see.

For condominiums, the lush grounds and a well maintained building will be inviting for buyers. Typically the property management company will routinely manage the maintenance of the building and grounds with direction that is provided by the trustees.

For single families, it is the sole responsibility of the homeowner to maintain the home in its entirety. From yard maintenance to roof repairs these homeowners must take care of the property themselves.

Regardless of the property type that you are trying to sell, a great looking profile online with complete descriptions, professional photography and dimensions are essential to entice buyers to want to view your home in person. You will also want to be sure that the home is just as perfect when buyers arrive for the viewing. Here are some tips on how to best prepare your home for sale.

Targeting Buyers – Everyone wants to attract a buyer that will want to pay top dollar for their home. It is a wise idea to identify the reasons why you bought the home and then highlight these features. If it was the lush grounds or the large glass doors leading to the backyard that loved, chances are the buyer for your home will appreciate these just as much as you did. Be sure to highlight these when you are marketing your home for sale.

Appeal to the Masses – This can be challenging should a seller have a specific taste or has used their home as their means of creative expression. Making your home as neutral as possible in its decor is always best when appealing the largest amount of people as possible. Select color palettes that are far from bold or daring both inside and out.

The Exterior – The exterior of your home should not be cluttered or overgrown with plantings. Strong or bold colors or even gardens that are overdone can be a turn-off to buyers. Identify a happy medium where your home stands out as being well maintained but is not drastically different from the rest of the neighborhood.

Cleanliness – Cleanliness is extremely important. Making sure that your home looks and smells clean is always going to be more inviting for buyers. Don’t forget to wash the windows as that can be noticed both inside and out. It is always best to keep the home in perfect condition throughout the entire sale process.

Curb Appeal – Make a great first impression. Start with your front door and follow on into the foyer. A freshly painted front door that greets buyers into a quality home’s entrance will make any buyer excited to see more and hopefully make an offer.