Tips on Maintaining Your New Home’s Value

Most homebuyers do not have the fortune of purchasing a home and have it drastically increase in value immediately. Even if you are experiencing superb market conditions with property values on the rise, it is still crucial that you maintain your home to ensure the highest price possible when it comes time for you to sell. Here is a list of items to take into consideration as they can have a significant impact on your home’s value.

Basic Maintenance – Routine maintenance of your home will help keep or improve its value. Areas that are often forgotten about for regular care are your heating and cooling systems. In some cases these systems are connected together and a big part of maintaining them includes the replacement of filters. You should replace filters at least twice per year, but for maximum efficiency swap them out four times per year or once per season. Failure to replace the filters can lead to inefficiency, increased energy costs or other potential problems. It is also a good idea to have the motors oiled and serviced by a professional HVAC repair and service company.

Seal up Drafts – Many homes have drafts that need to be sealed up. Gaps or cracks in doorways and windows are the number one culprit for energy loss. Neglecting to close up these drafts will over work your HVAC system resulting in more wear and tear as well as higher monthly energy costs. Fixing these drafts will not necessarily increase your home’s value, but it can help maintain your systems and keep energy costs lower should buyers request your average bill amounts.

Landscaping and Exteriors – Maintaining your home’s curb appeal is very important if you are in the market to sell. Your home’s exterior is the first and last thing that buyers will see so be sure to make a great impression when they arrive and to give a positive, lasting one that they will take with them when leaving. Many experts recommend an investment of up to 10% of your home’s value into landscaping if you are planning on selling. It has been stated that this can be one of the highest returns on investment as buyers place a lot of importance on a home’s exterior.

Do Repairs the Right Way – Major home repairs like a roof, furnace, or windows should always be done professionally. These items have the most value in the eyes of a homebuyer, but only if they are done professionally. It is wise to spend your money on doing these properly so that you can recoup the most amount of money when it comes time to sell.