5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Neighborhood

Relocating can be a major life change and doing your research is essential. Regardless of where your destination is, here are five tips on how to assess a neighborhood to ensure that you will be happy in your new home.

Transport – One basic and important consideration is how you will get around in your new neighborhood. Find out if you will need to rely completely on a car or if there is a public transportation option. Also, if you have a job lined up then you should calculate your commute time during rush hours.

Services – When you select an area of interest, think about which businesses you will be frequenting often. Things like a pharmacy, grocery store, gym or bank may be places you will want to be sure are nearby. Furthermore, you may also want to consider if these establishments are the right fit for you. For example is the local bank one where you already have your accounts or is the grocery store only a high end one that has higher prices.

Schools – If you have kids, then a good school system is definitely going to be of interest. Research ratings for local school systems to consider whether you will have your children attend public schools or if private schools is a better option. If considering private schools, weigh the tax rates to see if this option makes sense. Even if you don’t have children, selecting an area with a good school district will only help your home retain its value for resale.

Amenities – If culture and entertainment options are important to you then consider area establishments. Are there art museums or theaters? What about restaurants, pubs or bars? If you are an active person you may want to research local area trails, parks or athletic arenas.

Economy – Take some time touring through the neighborhood of choice. A declining area will oftentimes have some signs. Look for littered streets, unkempt parks or homes and an abundance of for sale signs. Check for signs of interaction of neighbors, are they talking to each other? Are they taking care of their homes? If the opportunity presents itself, try asking someone who lives there about the area to get a true sense from a resident.