Home Improvement Projects for Going Green this Spring

It is not uncommon for homeowners to think that improving the environmental friendliness of their home is out of financial reach. However, the reality is that there are many things that you can do that save you money over time. Here are some things that you can do at various budgets.

Light bulbs – LED light bulbs have gone down in price in recent years. Although they are still more expensive, the energy cost savings over time can make these a smart investment. Also, the greenhouse emissions that are lowered make them an environmentally responsible option. Consider converting your home’s bulbs over even if by one bulb at a time.

HVAC Ducts – Cooling energy can be lost due to loose seals in your home’s duct work. Sealing the ducts can be pretty inexpensive and an easy thing to do on your own that can save you a lot of money annually in energy bills.

Replacing fixtures – Water heating is usually the 2nd largest energy expense so updating your fixtures can help you save. A low flow or energy savings option for a showerhead will save you on both heating the water and on your monthly water bill. Consider low flow faucets and toilets to increase efficiency and your savings.

Landscaping –  Seek alternate materials other than large grass areas that require less watering and are drought resistant or hold in moisture. In the end this will help reduce your water consumption and costs. Rock gardens can be great for lower care yet still provide drainage. Succulents are also great plantings that don’t require much watering.

Window replacement – It can be a costly improvement up front, but a very beneficial upgrade is to replace your windows with energy efficient models. Some estimates have indicated that double-paned windows can reduce energy costs by 15%. More efficient Low E coated windows can even pay for themselves in savings in just a few years.

Solar panels – Many will see a great return on adding solar panels to their home, but check with a local professional in the area to assess your home and if it may make sense for the investment. There can sometimes be options to even power some of your home’s systems like a water heater or pool heater with solar panels.

There are several options for all different budgets. Begin today with green improvements and feel good about the environment while you work towards saving money.