What To Do When Your Home Doesn’t Sell

In today’s South Florida real estate market homes are typically selling very quickly and in many cases seeing multiple offers. However, it can still happen where properties linger on the market for various reasons and you will need to take a closer look at what is going on. Here are some tips for what to look for when a home is not selling.

Photos – Whether buyers are beginning their search online or if they are being sent listings from their agent, the photos are going to create the first impression. All buyers will make up their minds on whether they are interested or not based on what they see in the photos. Rather than having a few pictures that are haphazardly taken or blurry, make sure that you have several high quality and professional photos taken. Be sure that all selling points and desirable features are photographed and used in MLS or any online advertising.

Price – Pricing a home is not always easy. A fair price is arrived at using multiple ingredients including recently sold and active comparables, location, amenities and condition. While many sellers can feel their home is the nicest or they have put a significant amount of money into it, coming to the right price is more fact based than emotional. Pricing the home correctly when first listed is always best as that is when homes for sale receive the most amount of buyer traffic.

Condition – Even if your home is not the most updated one on the block, that doesn’t mean that it won’t sell quickly. Homes that are clean, decluttered and staged appropriately will be just as sought after. Most agents will provide valuable advice on cost effective things you can do from painting to rearranging furniture so that your home is appealing to the largest audience possible.

Access –  A Lot of preparation goes into getting a home ready for sale. However, the process continues on after your first open house. Private showings will be requested at various times so being as flexible as possible will allow for more buyers to see your home and hopefully result in an offer. Keep your schedule open and keep the home clean to make showings go as smooth and successful as possible.

Emotions – Some have stronger emotional attachment to their homes than others. For those who do, it is wise to remember that you are selling a “property” rather than your home. Try to remove the personal connection and pack away some of your personal belongings like family photos. During the marketing and sale process it will help you to remove your attachment while making it easier for potential buyers to create an emotional connection.

In the end all situations are different. If your home has remained on the market for longer than expected then it may be time to review everything and adjust your strategy.