Great Advice for Buying Your Fort Lauderdale Home

The transfer of a property from seller to buyer can be an exciting day for all. However, if you don’t perform your due diligence, this day can become a nightmare if things are not properly in order. Not only will you want to ensure that all steps are taken and a schedule is followed, but you also want to have the right team to help you. Here are some important tips to follow to as you embark on the process.

Research your team – Cover all of your bases and be sure to hire a realtor, mortgage broker and a real estate attorney. When selecting this team, do your homework and make sure that each have the appropriate experience. As a seasoned realtor, I am happy to provide my sales history with you. Additionally, I can provide recommendations for other mortgage brokers or attorneys if needed.

Hire an attorney that specializes in real estate – A real estate attorney will provide you with the best service and can ensure the smoothest transaction as they are most familiar with the process. If you have a contact that you know who is an attorney, but not one who specializes in real estate, this can be problematic as they may not be able to easily clarify legal issues with documentation. Another recent concern surrounding attorneys who are less than reputable has been wire fraud. Hiring someone blindly can lead to financial disasters.

Keep to your schedule – Time is of the essence with all real estate transactions. There are important dates when things need to be completed by so it is imperative that you meet them. A good rule of thumb is to get everything done as early as possible. Aside from scheduling home inspections, your loan paperwork is more of a process. Your mortgage agent will give you a list of items they they will need in order to get you a home loan and verify your financials. It is best to complete this request as soon as possible so that your closing does not get delayed. Delayed closings can result in additional problems and financial impositions.