What’s Hot for 2019 Kitchen Designs

According to HomeAdvisor’s Smart Home Strategist, homeowners had focused renovation efforts on bathrooms in 2018, but for next year they are moving their attention on to kitchens. The goal is to add value to the home while creating an environment to promote wellness and reduce stress.

According to Home Advisor’s Home Expert, Dan DiClerico, “Wellness is going to be a huge theme for 2019. Many people are living longer, healthier lives, and they’re looking to the kitchen to support those efforts.”

DiClerico says that homeowners are going to primarily achieve this goal by doing a few things. They will purchase appliances to make life easier for cooking healthy like blenders and steam cookers. They will also make physical changes by adding either large windows or glass sliding doors to bring the outdoors inside. Finally, earthy tones including blues and greens will be used to provide a sense of calm.

Are you looking to work some of these ideas into your home? Here are some more details on the emerging trends.

Appliances – In 2019 we will see more popularity for appliances that lend themselves to healthy eating. People are using steam cookers to avoid using butter and oils as they reduce their fat and calorie intake. Blenders have also become more sought after with the ease of making smoothies and soups. Manufacturers are already ahead of this curve by introducing more appliances in their line to cater to these needs.

Sliding Glass – For many years there has been a focus on kitchens open to living areas, but a shift is being seen with kitchens open to the outdoors. Adding glass doors that lead to outdoor space will extend your living space while adding more natural light to your interior.

Column Refrigerators – Column refrigerators have been gaining popularity where you can pair any size refrigerator with any size freezer column. This allows homeowners to maximize their food storage based on their individual needs.

Calming Colors – DiClerico has shared that although white kitchens are not a thing of the past, blues and greens are slowly gaining popularity. Cabinetry has been seen in these colors and manufacturers of appliances are also introducing these colors into their lines as well.

Technology – Popular technology includes things that are voice activated. For example controlling your blinds or your lights with voice activation makes creating a comfortable mood extremely easy to achieve. The right light creates a calming atmosphere and can also make your food look more appetizing.

What not to do – While they are not gone yet, marble, granite and stainless steel are losing their edge in popularity. Homeowners are now introducing quartz and black stainless steel which are easier to keep clean and maintain.