Pier 66 Proposal Offers Homes, Retail, Restaurants and Office Space

A proposal for a project to rehab the Pier Sixty-Six Hotel and Marina could add quite a lot to the 32 acre location. The site, well known for its revolving rooftop restaurant, could see a mix of 100 new homes in the way of condominiums, villas and single-family homes along with shops and restaurants.

“We want to bring some life and some energy to the marina and celebrate Fort Lauderdale as the yachting capital of the world,” said Jessi Blakley, spokeswoman for the developer, Tavistock Development Co.

The actual breakdown includes the following:


Four, 4-story buildings with 39 villas.


Two towers with 11 stories that contain 38 units each. Each tower will feature office space as well as commercial units that will be used for both retail and restaurants on the first and second floors.

Single-family homes

Twelve, 4-story houses that would be approximately 5,000 square feet each and boast private yards.

Aside from the plans for additional development, the proposed plan includes renovating the hotel rooms. The hotel now has 384 rooms with 154 in a 17-story tower and 230 in a 2-story building. The rooms located in the tower have yet to re-open since Hurricane Irma last year. These plans include decreasing the number of hotel rooms to 345 with combining some units for larger layouts and replacing the 2-story dwelling with a 10-story tower.

Desirable amenities for the hotel would include two layers of pool decks with one for adults and one designed for children. Additionally, there would be approximately 17,000 square feet of fitness and spa facilities.

Tavistock Development Co. had purchased the parcel back in 2016, but any plans for development were halted due to Hurricane Irma which caused damage to the property. Should these plans get approved then construction would be slated to begin by the end of 2019. Blakely states that the addition of the shops, restaurants and residences would “really play up the waterfront activity.”