Yard Tips to Minimize Watering

These days everyone knows that when it comes to your yard you don’t want to waste our valuable resource of water, but you also don’t want to waste your valuable time. Even if you have a proper irrigation system, water bills alone can make you want to disable it at times especially if you don’t have a private well. Here are some great ideas on how you can design your landscaping so it is eco, budget and spare time friendly!

Stay with Hardy, Local Plants

Even in areas like the Southwest where there is a lack of natural water, yards and gardens are still filled with color and texture. Native plants thrive as they are used to the normal state of the region. Select which plants are typically in the area and go with those. Aside from succulents, South Florida has many trees, bushes and flowers that require less water.

Add Some “Hardscaping”

Grass is great, but some areas for patios, stone walls, paths and the like serve great purpose as well. These can enhance aesthetics but also provide great function for entertaining and gathering places. In fact, studies have stated that new patios and fire pits are among the top projects for adding value to your home for resale. Just keep in mind that you will want to plan for proper drainage given our heavier rains.

Try Fake Grass

Turf has made big progress and now has the look and feel that is much like real grasses. Research brands for those that hold up over time and have a good feel on your feet. Especially for smaller yards this can be ideal where watering and mowing can be challenging. 

Plant Cacti and Succulents

These plants are very hardy while they add color, flowers and texture to your landscaping. Just make sure they are not located in areas where they will have “wet feet” as they prefer a dryer setting.

Rock Beds

Instead of having as much grass as you may have, try breaking it up with rock beds. As an alternative to mulched beds, rock beds don’t require as much work where they don’t break down like much does and need replacement. You will save on needing to water these areas as opposed to grass while you still have the benefit of an area for drainage.