4 Ideas for Home Exterior Updates

Most everyone at some point will consider doing some home improvements not only to rooms on the inside of their home, but also for the exterior. Especially where much of the Fort Lauderdale housing stock was built decades ago, chances are there may be some things you may want to do for updating. Here are 4 great ideas that you can do fairly easily for your home.

Front Door Focus

Not only is it a main focus of your home’s exterior, but visitors literally touch it every time they come over. If you have a standard or plain front door, consider replacing it with something that is more architecturally stimulating. There are some great options today, many that are equipped with high impact glass as well. If you already have a great, high quality door then consider giving it a fresh coat of paint. A complementary color to your home’s palette that also draws attention is ideal. While you are at it, consider updating your address numbers as well!


Mature plantings are always great, but keeping them from getting overgrown is always best. If your landscaping needs some updating, consider selecting materials that are drought tolerant like succulents. Doing accent areas with rock gardens also is a great idea as they don’t require much maintenance but also still allow for drainage. 

Paint and Masonry

Some homes may have particular masonry details that may associate it with an older time period. The good news is either removing them with some light masonry work or in some cases even painting them, you can bring your home into a more modern day look. Concrete or iron pillars can also be boxed in with wood materials for a great contrasting look.

Porch Update

Many homes either already have a front porch area or in other cases this can be somewhat easy to add. A front porch can add character but also offer function. Outfitting yours with pavers, potted plants and a stylish bistro set or outdoor lounge set will provide a great area for enjoying your yard.