10 Tips for Updating Your Kitchen

Sometimes you need to do some updating to your kitchen, but you may not have the money to do a complete gut and rehab. The good news is there are lots of things that you can do easily and affordably that can make a big difference. Here are 10 great ideas to beautify your kitchen. 


Some people have cabinets that are neutral enough where they stand the test of time better than others. A quick fix for a fresh look is to upgrade your hardware with some that is more modern or pulls out the best in your kitchen. You could also try matching your backsplash with a more bold color too..


This small to mid grade enhancement can really make a statement with the look of your kitchen. Lose the older counters and replace with some classy new quartz ones that frame your cabinets with a more modern and upscale look.

Window treatments

Are your kitchen windows dressed with older blinds or curtains? Pick a great color to add some life with a modern venetian blinds. There are some great faux wood options these days that may hold up better than real wood. 

Storage Solutions

Purchase some key storage mechanisms like spice racks, bag holders, drawer organizers and the like as anything that makes for better organization and offers you more storage will make your kitchen even more enjoyable. 


Give your kitchen a refresh with a coat of paint and select a color that makes your cabinets pop. Sometimes you can even paint one accent wall to add depth an excitement. 


Open shelving is a hot look these days so if you have the space, securely fasten a shelf to display your best dishes, perhaps some spices and even flowers to add life and color. 

Redo Grouting

After several years your grout work can become worn so you may want to regrout the tile with fresh grout or even choose a darker color to add contrast. Darker grouts can also appear cleaner as well. 

Reorganize Storage

This is a great task to tackle as it can sometimes be free! Simply reorganizing how you have things stored can significantly increase efficiency. Make your life easier by not keeping your larger, heavier items up high where it can be hard to retrieve them. Group things together too like coffee mugs near the coffee machine. Finally, if you do end up adding an open shelf, maybe relocating your spices from that high cabinet to it will help too!

Add a Cart

Carts are great, flexible solutions for this as you can wheel them around to where they are needed most. Wheel it over to make an island that may help for prep space in the kitchen, or move it to the dining room and use it as a serving surface. 


Linens are similar to your curtains where they can be a great way to add an accent color and warm things up. Pick something for either a punch of color or that may match your decor like the color of your backsplash. Place a stack of them on display on an open shelf too for an idea!