The 4 Most Essential Things When Preparing Your Home for Showings

As your real estate expert I would like to share some important tips for preparing your home for showings. It is imperative that your home be in perfect condition in order to attract the largest number of buyers and obtain the highest selling price. While there are numerous things you can do to get ready, remember these 4 which are the most important.


First step is to make sure your home has a good flow with regards to how your furniture is arranged. Do any necessary staging to show off its potential even if it’s not how you live in it. Next be sure that all things are in proper working order. Check that all faucets, door hinges, cabinets and drawers, toilets switches or any other appliance is operating as it should. 


First step is to eliminate anything that you don’t need or want inside. Do not simply store things in closets as if they are maxed out it will appear as there may not be much storage in the home. If you don’t need it, toss it or donate it. All surface areas including counters and tables should be free of belongings except for the essentials. Bathrooms should be mold free, tidy and clean just as they would be for house guests. 


Freshness is a good rule of thumb. Walk around your house and check each room including the exterior and look for anything that is “tired” or worn looking. Things to consider “freshening up” can include fixtures, paint, hardwood floors, worn carpet or area rugs. For the exterior of your make sure walkways don’t have broken bricks or pavers, flower beds are weeded and no bushes or shrubs are looking they may be dead. 


Nearly all buyers will be looking for a home that is inviting and looks like it has been well maintained. Review your home’s exterior facade as well as each and every room inside. Be sure all rooms are well organized, staged appropriately, neutral in decor and presentable. Your exterior should be tidy with well maintained landscaping and walkways so everyone will be sure to want to tour the inside.