7 Tips for Immediate Home Organization

It is still the beginning of the year, but spring cleaning season is just around the corner so here are some helpful tips to get your home organized in a snap. If you don’t have a ton of free time on your hands to give your home an overhaul, just tackling a few of these tips will help you feel far more organized.


Don’t make the mistake of purchasing bins or storage baskets that are too small. This happens a lot and things tend to overflow and become messy all over again. Make sure to have enough, but most importantly large ones that can keep things neat.

Re-fold clothes

This is such an easy one that can make a huge difference. Instead of folding your shirts in a neat pile and placing them in a drawer, fold them “Marie Kondo” style. This essentially means you create a neat little rectangle that sits upright. The great thing about this is that you can fit more in the drawer and you can see all of your shirts at a glance without having to remove the stack to find the shirt you need.


Bins and containers are also great ideas for things to have in the fridge. Not only do they make things look nicer, but they make foods easier to find when neatly stored. Invest in some quality containers that you can neatly stack to make life easier. Clear ones can also be helpful for easy identification. 

Travel gear

The best plan of attack here is to “nest” these items by placing smaller suitcases inside your larger ones. Store your smaller bags or backpacks inside the smallest suitcase. This keeps everything together while saving on space.

Maximize closet space

You would be amazed at how much more space you can get out of a closet when it is well organized. Especially with your narrower closets, add a shelving unit on the floor for boxes, a hanging rod for coats and a high shelf for labeled bins. You can always make use of the back of the door with a hanging organizer as well.

Tidy up open shelves

Open shelves are a popular trend and they do have their advantages. Frequently used items are easily accessed with open shelves but you have to keep them organized. Invest in some baskets or bins to keep things together and looking tidy.

Junk Drawers

Having junk drawers is sometimes necessary, but that doesn’t mean things cannot be nicely organized inside. Instead of having just one drawer, consider having a shelf with some transparent and clearly labeled bins. Being able to see what is inside the neat containers will make things neat and very easy to find.