6 DIY Enhancements to Elevate Your Living Room

Everyone wants to make their home as modern as current as possible, but not always with the full renovation price tag. The truth is there can be many ways to elevate your home and give it a fresh look and feel with a little bit of time and some creativity. Here are 6 DIY projects that you can tackle over a weekend when you have some spare time. 

Accent rugs

Either add or replace existing area rugs. These can add a lot of color and a focus in a room at a reasonable price. Current trends are now for area rugs to be used even if you have wall to wall carpet. Try adding one under your coffee table to add life and excitement with contrasting colors.

Blanket ladder

A rare item that adds function and aesthetics. A blanket ladder can be added to your living room with a few different blankets to display that have interesting patterns and colors. For those cooler evenings or simply when you want to curl up with one on the couch they are within reach to use. This also frees up any shelves or bins they’d normally be stored in as well!

Feature wall

Pick one wall that you want to feature with some sort of a design element. A collection of framed art, an interesting wallpaper pattern, different color of paint or even a wall of shiplap can add some uniqueness to the room.

Room divider

Be it functional or decorative, a room divider can add an elegant element to your home. Especially for those homes where the front door puts you directly into the living room, this can offer you a great way to add some separation. There are some great products on the market of various materials that can help you create this.


A relatively easy change that can have a big impact on your room. Consider swapping out your overhead lighting. Perhaps you have a fairly conservative, outdated or plain ceiling light. An interesting or modern chandelier type light can totally transform your room’s look. Try getting one that is dimming as well so you can have appropriate lighting for all times. 


Among one of the most obvious and easily completed – paint. It may have been years since the last paint job or you may just want to switch up the look, but painting the walls a different color for a new scheme is sure to transform the room at a very reasonable cost.