9 Common Home Repair Mistakes

Some of us like to try and save money with DIY home repairs especially with many people spending more time at home right now. Whether you plan on doing things yourself or hiring a professional it is important to do them right so they don’t cost you more down the road. Here are 9 common home repair mistakes to avoid.

Neglecting water stains

When you notice a water stain on your wall or ceiling it is important to locate the source asap. While it can be tempting to just paint over it if it is small, leaks often don’t stop, they get worse. Whether it’s a pipe, window will or roof issue you will want to fix it before it worsens or causes a mold issue.

Clogged gutters

Clogged gutters cause water back ups. If water cannot flow off of your roof then it can build up under your shingles and cause damage. Also, for any gutters that have drains designed to direct water to flow away from the home then this won’t be working properly either.

Improper power washing

Power washing your home is great when done correctly. Remove grime and mildew from your home but don’t be applying too much pressure to damage paint or wood surfaces. 

Peeling paint

Aside from looking unkempt, peeling paint that goes unattended can lead to damage especially for your wood surfaces. Check your trim especially for signs or worn paint.

Inspect attic

If you don’t have a regular pest inspection that is checking your home and attic, then you will want to check it yourself. Other than pesky termite damage it is good to do a routine check for any water damage as well. 

Service appliances

It can be beneficial to check your appliances regularly as well. Check the door seals and vacuum the coils off of your fridge. Run your dishwasher empty except for a cup of vinegar on the top rack. This can help clean out rust stains and scum build up. 

Wrong cleaning products

Make sure you research the materials you are cleaning in your home and use the appropriate products when cleaning. For example vinegar is great for cleaning certain tile floors but it can dull marble or limestone. 

Failed to pull permit

This can cause big problems when it comes time to sell. If you made big improvements or additions you should get a permit for the work. A good rule of thumb is if the work requires a professional to do it, you should double check with the city to see if a permit is needed.

HVAC filters

Monthly utility bills as well as HVAC units can be expensive. However, the cost of a filter is very cheap by comparison. Be sure to regularly replace filters according to manufacturer recommendations so that your system is running efficient and will have a prolonged life.