Leveraging Landscaping to Add Value to Your Home

Whether you are planning on selling your home soon or not, most everyone wants helpful tips for adding value to their home. Your landscaping is one area that can really set the stage for the home and pique one’s interest for what is inside. It is similar to food presentation where anything that looks good will have people interested in taking a bite. Here are some great tips for things you can do for your home’s landscaping that will be sure to help its value.

Cut and edge grass

Although it sounds very obvious, mowing properly and especially trimming edges is important especially with our grass here in South Florida. Clean looking beds and edges make landscaping look tidy and well kept.

Fresh mulch

Putting down fresh mulch makes a huge visual difference. Beds will look clean and defined while the mulch helps reduce weeds and retains moisture in the soil for your plantings. 


Flowers are a great way to add color and interest for a very low cost. Add a cluster or two to your beds or put them in a pot by your door.


Another great way to spice up your yard is to add a few different kinds of plants at varying sizes. This will add visual interest and depth to your landscaping. There are some great, relatively hearty plants that are lower maintenance here in South Florida from Bromeliads offering color to Clusias which can add great privacy.

Refresh patio/decking

Especially with the heat from the hot sun patios and decks can become weathered over the years. If powerwashing doesn’t do the job, consider fresh paint or stain depending on the material. If you are working with a larger budget, pavers can be a nice upgrade from basic concrete.

Reduce noise 

A couple of ideas for reducing any noise from the area include adding bushes and/or plants in containers as they can help insulate against it. Additionally, adding a water feature can provide a soothing white noise as it drowns out the less than pleasant ones.

Hot tub or pool

Of course who doesn’t love a water feature in the way of a hot tub or pool? Depending on your budget and preference either can certainly be nice for yourself or entertaining. Adding a pool is going to be quite an expense in which you may not recap the whole investment on a sale. A hot tub, while mostly best for our winter months or evenings, can be great as it can be done at a fraction of the cost of a pool and you can either include it in a sale or take it with you depending on where you go.