4 Ways to Be the Winning Offer on a Home

The key to buying your Fort Lauderdale home is to be as prepared as possible. While current times may have buyers moving slightly slower than before by previewing homes online first, it can certainly happen that you submit your offer in tandem with another interested party. In the pursuit of being the winning offer, here are some ways you can position yourself best so that you don’t have to begin your search all over again.


A common reason for a deal to fall through is for buyer financing so make sure yours is as secure as possible. Anyone who is seriously considering buying should of course get pre-approved for financing, but make sure you have that letter to include with your offer to prove it to the sellers. Another way you can show your commitment is to increase your earnest money amount as a pledge to the sellers.

Homes That Need TLC

Homes that are generally priced right and don’t need any updating are among the most sought after. This also means there can be a lot of competition on them too. One way to an easier purchase is to consider those homes that may need some light updating. If the core things like layout, bed and bath count and location are solid, perhaps you could manage a kitchen or flooring update while you make the home truly your taste. 

Personal Letter

While money talks, a personal letter cannot hurt to accompany your offer. If a seller has competing offers with similar terms and dollar amounts, a personal letter of who you are and how you intend on enjoying the home just may be that extra push you need into the winning corner. 


An experienced team to guide you through the process is key. From an experienced real estate agent to a reputable mortgage broker to an credible attorney, the professionals who you select can make your chances better of securing a home and successfully closing on it. These are the trusted individuals who can navigate through any potential snags with their expertise.