How To Pick a Good Home To Retire In

There comes a time when everyone begins to plan for retirement in the physical sense. This means selecting a home for retirement that will be both comfortable and accommodating. Things to consider when picking the right home include everything from where to what. Here are some great tips to follow as you plan for yours.


Much like any real estate purchase location is key. Things to consider for retirement properties include climate, ease of accessibility to conveniences like shopping, healthcare and a community that you will enjoy spending your free time with.

Single-story living

Keep it simple. Avoid having to climb stairs if you don’t need to and pick a home that offers the ease of single level living. As one ages and could have more mobility challenges this will only make things easier overall. Fortunately, South Florida offers a lot of housing stock with single level living.


While bathtubs can be nice for soaking or handy during hurricane season, day to day a walk in shower that is spacious will be most accommodating for you in the long haul. Being able to safely walk in and out is key.


Even with no challenges narrow halls and doorways are never favored. However, allowing more space to travel with ease is important. Especially should you ever need assistance with any devices that may require more clearance. 

Extra space

No matter your age a lot of people are fond of companionship. Making sure you have space for a partner, roommate or even family member can be helpful to factor in and keep as an option. 


Pets are just like our children and can offer emotional sustenance in our lives. Their companionship is fulfilling and life just wouldn’t be the same without them. Consider a home that allows pets and offers the conveniences that they would need.


Retirement for many can be a busy and fun time of life. With more free time to spend with family, friends and partake in many activities that you truly enjoy. When locating a home be sure that it is close to the things that are important to your lifestyle as well as offer some alternative transportation options.  


This can be a blanketing concept from a home security system to services that are available locally that can send help with the push of a button. 

If you are considering a home that you can comfortably retire in, feel free to contact me today.