How To Prepare Best For Movers

Preparing mentally can be challenging enough for a big move. While most of the physical part can be handled by your movers there are some things that really only you can do. You can hire movers for just the actual transport of your belongings or you can hire them to even do your packing but you will want to take care of these 6 things first on your end and here is what they are.

Create a path for ease

This all starts outside of the home when you plan on the movers arriving. Where will they park? If you are in a more urban location will you need to assist with parking permits so they can securely park rather than double-parking. If you live in a neighborhood that is more spread out then make sure your driveway can accommodate their trucks and possibly park at a neighbor’s house to keep a clear path.

Make necessary arrangements

For anyone living in a larger apartment complex or condo building you may need to check with the building manager for moving protocol. While some may require a fee to be paid others may allow you to reserve service elevators which can keep things running smoothly.

Protect walls and floors

Assess what you have for pieces that will be moved through the door. Make sure you secure anything that may be in the way such as pictures, mirrors, lightbulbs or anything else that may be fragile and in the way. It is also wise to alert your movers what you have for flooring materials so they can prepare accordingly. You would hate to have scratches on your hardwood floors!


Only you will recall how your furniture first made its way inside your home. Did you painstakingly assemble a large armoire or sectional couch when you bought them? Measure these items to see if they will fit through the door or if you will have to take them apart. This could mean you may need to build in some prep time.

Plan around kids and pets

Younger children and pets can often get in the way when movers are trying to do their job. Some items are heavy and movers need an unobstructed path when removing them from your home. Pets can get in the way or become anxious with the commotion. See if you can have a neighbor or pet daycare mind them during the peak moving times. 

Be available

It is important to not be in the way of the movers but be accessible. Find a location in the home that is central so they know where you are to ask questions or so you can be of assistance with anything they may not know about the home.