5 Things Buyers Want In Homes For 2020

Despite the pandemic this year, home sales are still going strong with some speculating sales outpacing last year. As the real estate market has continued to thrive, what buyers are looking for has slightly been altered. While there are some basic necessities buyers wish to have, some are looking for other items as a result of pandemic life. Here is a look at some of these hot items so you can upgrade your Fort Lauderdale home if you are looking to sell in the near future.

Outdoor space

With more time spent at home these days buyers are looking to extend their square footage of living space. This includes maximizing outdoor spaces for full enjoyment. Take a look at your outdoor space for aesthetics and for function. Area rugs can be helpful for defining a gathering space and a low cost outdoor heater can help during those few cooler winter evenings. A fire pit could also provide options for cooler evenings. 

Home office space

The trend to do work from home has been increasing and will more than likely be more common post the pandemic. Given this pattern, having some designated working space within your home is helpful. You could add desk space to a guest room or in one of your home’s nooks. There are desks of all shapes and sizes where you can get creative depending on your space. 

Separate spaces

Most everyone loves an open floor plan, but being able to section off some areas is still important. Barn doors, curtains or room dividers can be easy solutions to give your home’s occupants more privacy and cut down on noise.

Home gym

Maintaining your physical health is important so creating a place to exercise is key. Guest rooms, larger garages or even screen rooms can be great ideas. However, if your home is short on space you can even designate a portion of a room. Fold up stationary bikes, yoga mats or your other favorite workout equipment like dumbbells can be neatly organized for your home gym. Showing buyers that you have space for this option can help them visualize how they can use the space with what they like to workout with.

Guest room

Showcasing your guest room or additional living space can be an enticing option for buyers these days. Multigenerational households or those looking to get additional rental income from a friend or roommate will be excited to see these great accommodations. 

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