7 Ways To Add Character To Your Home

These days most everyone knows more than ever that our homes are our sanctuary. The thoughts about a home’s comfort and accommodations have been even more pronounced this year which is why I would like to share some ideas on how you can make your house even more accommodating and comfortable.

The lighting – Other than needing enough of it, lighting can really set the mood. Consider updating a chandelier over a kitchen table or adding some task lighting under your cabinets for better food prep. Try adding an accent floor lamp to any of your darker corners of your home.

Empty spaces – Does your home have an unused space or corner? Take advantage of those places and utilize it the best way you can. Ideas include setting up a comfortable chair and lamp for a reading nook or invest in nice looking shelves for some organized storage. You can never have too much!

Rugs/Antiques – An area rug always defines and warms up a space nicely. A runner can also add warmth and interest to your longer hallways. Need to spice up your walls? Antique items found at local shops or even crafts found online such as on Etsy.com can have great, unique options. 

Cabinets/hardware – For older cabinets that function well but are outdated consider painting them. A fresh coat of paint in a neutral color combined with new hardware can warm up a space and bring it into current times.

Molding/shutters – Adding some millwork to your rooms can certainly add interesting architectural flair. Molding for your ceilings is always a warm, “finished” look. For your window treatments, plantation shutters add great function and are considered a great value among buyers!

Doorstep/window box – The front of your home can set the stage for anyone who arrives. Warm things up and make it look inviting with adding some plants. Window boxes for both plants and flowers can be charming while potted trees or flowers on the doorstep work well too.

Light up the garden – Outdoor lights such as lanterns or party lights on your patio can make your outdoor space feel warm and cozy. Spot or flood lights for your front yard will add drama to your landscaping or your home’s features during the evening.