Green Home Features That Enhance Your Lifestyle

As time goes on we are seeing shifts towards energy savings and efficiency across all industries and products. From fuel efficient and hybrid cars to energy saving models for a range of products. Nowadays we are seeing consumers show interest in eco-conscious home upgrades as they perform home improvement projects or are seeking a new home to purchase. If you are looking to invest in some of these upgrades at your current home, here are some helpful tips.

Sealing gaps

Some older homes may have more gaps or spots of weakness that should be sealed up. For us in South Florida, it is more about our AC seeping out that can be a loss of energy. One spot that often gets overlooked is can lights in the ceiling as a good amount of air can escape through them.


In our climate insulating is key especially with roofs and coverings. Insulated roofs can help keep a barrier between the hot sun and your efforts in regularly cooling your home. 

Energy audit

One of the best ways to make sure you are addressing the most important areas in your home is to do a home energy audit. This would involve a professional to visit your home combined with a review of your utility bills. A recommendation would be made for how you can improve your home’s efficiency. These audits are sometimes offered by utility companies or third party vendors.


If you have old doors or windows then it may be time for an upgrade. High impact, current models will often be more efficient than older more basic ones. On top of the energy savings you can also potentially save money on your insurance with high impact ones as well. 


Smart thermostats are where it is at. Being able to both program your thermostat but also control it from your phone regardless of your location will help you regulate your usage for what is needed. This should help you reduce your energy costs while increasing convenience. 

Ceiling fans

An already popular fixture here in South Florida, but ceiling fans can help cool the rooms you are using rather than increasing the AC output for the whole house. Be sure your key rooms like bedrooms or living rooms have them.

Tankless water heater

Simply stated a tankless water heater saves you money as it only operates as you use it. Those with tanks regularly heat throughout the day keeping a reserve warm for whenever you plan to use it.


In your kitchen alone you can potentially make some big improvements with your appliances. Your refrigerator and dishwasher are good places to start as they are significantly more efficient than even just 15 years ago. Go one step further and check your toilets and shower heads for water efficiency too.