Tips For Those Who Move Frequently

Things are different these days when it comes to the length of time that one lives in a home. It used to be that you’d save up for your first home and settle in for decades until it was time to downsize. Today, many people are starting out in a condo, then trading up to a single family and potentially going to different neighborhoods as they upgrade their lifestyle. If you are one of these individuals who finds yourself moving frequently, here are some helpful pointers to keep things easy.


Furniture is something we all need but sure can add up in cost. When you purchase your necessary items keep things simple and start with the basics. Avoid buying items that are too big, too pricey or may not be necessary in your next home. Keeping things simple will ensure better chances that everything will fit at your next residence should some rooms be smaller. You will want to avoid having to sell things as furniture doesn’t tend to hold a great resale value.

Keep Moving Boxes

Moving boxes can add up when you are talking about needing enough to move a whole house. Each time you move you can break them down very carefully so that they are folded neatly to store but can also be reused. Stow these away under beds or in places like attics where they won’t get ruined.

Packing Materials

Similar to boxes, packing materials can really be expensive. Bubble wrap in particular while it is necessary for your breakable items gets pricey but you can always use alternative packing. Consider using your towels, blankets or even clothing instead. Hold onto some newspapers as well for another wrapping option.

Don’t Waste Time

Packing always takes longer than you anticipate so don’t wait until the last minute. As soon as you know you are moving start packing your secondary items. For example, starting in the kitchen pack away your top shelf items that you don’t use everyday. Perhaps this may be your China or appliances you rarely use. Leave only what you need everyday for packing last. Do this same method with your clothing. Pack away seasonal clothing that you aren’t using first. When you get close to moving day, pack a small suitcase for what you may need right away.


If you find good movers you may want to hire them again. There are only so many times you can get your friends to help and buy them pizza, so if you find good professionals then treat them well. Offer them water, lunch and tip them well for their good service.