5 Free Things That Help Sell Your Home

Once you have decided that you want to move and sell your home, then comes time for the work. It is common knowledge that you will need to get it in tip top shape, but that can also require some financial investment as well. While you may need to shell out a few dollars for things like sealing your driveway or replacing broken fixtures, the good news is that there are several things that you can do that are no cost to you that make a big impact on prospective buyers. 


Getting out the vacuum, mop and putting things away properly does not cost you a dime. Focus on your primary rooms and make sure there are no belongings or stacks of papers gathered on kitchen counters, bookshelves or coffee tables. Bathroom counters should also be clean and clear as well as closets being neatly organized. You don’t want anyone thinking the home is tight on space if it looks like your closets are not accommodating.

Furniture Arrangement

After you have cleaned and decluttered, now take a look at the home’s flow. Visit room by room and see that your furniture is placed where each room allows buyers to freely walk through without bumping into things and appears as large as possible. 

Channel Buyer Mentality

Step outside of your home and then walk back in with fresh eyes…and nose for that matter. Does the home look and smell clean? Check up and down to make sure from baseboards up to ceiling fans are dusted and clean. Don’t forget to wash the windows too for allowing in all of the natural light. 

Setting The Table

It may sound silly at first, but rather than a big empty dining room table, consider setting even just a couple of pace settings. Staging a room so it is inviting such as putting out nice placemats, your best flatware, dishware and linens will warm things up. Finish off with a decorative centerpiece or table runner. 

Let The Outdoors Inside

You can do this a few ways. After of course you have all blinds open for each showing, make sure you have some of what is best about our tropical Fort Lauderdale location, the outdoors. Many homes have flowers in their gardens that can be cut and placed into arrangements indoors. Additionally, for those of you who have fruit bearing trees, a bowl of lemons placed on the kitchen counter can also be a cute and colorful idea.