Top Home Upgrades Of The Past Year

The past year has changed how a lot of us feel about our home and what is most important to have in them. As we all spent more time at home a lot of home improvement projects were taking place. As a result of all of this, certain home upgrades have become increasingly more popular than others. Here is a closer look at some that have been trending as of late.

Closet Organization

With more time at home regularly accessing belongings, organization is key. Homeowners have been doing purges of items that they no longer want or need and implementing some organization systems. There are several ways to do this with some investing in a full-on professionally installed closet system to one they can create themselves. This could include anything from putting up shelves or bins themselves or even moving a smaller dresser into a closet.

Sanitize Station

With no surprise the addition of a sanitizing station has become more popular. Often by the entry door you will find an area designated for one to remove outer wear, masks and using wipes and/or hand sanitizer. For those who had mud rooms these rooms have just been further enhanced. 

Smart Lights

In the interest of increasing convenience, smart lights have seen an increase in popularity. These lighting systems can be controlled by either your voice or your smartphone. For short money you can swap out your current light bulbs with these smartbulbs. 


For several reasons kitchen banquettes have seen a rise in popularity. For larger kitchens they make for a more intimate and cozy setting. For smaller kitchens they save on space as well as offer great storage space for under the seating. For every kitchen they introduce the opportunity for more decorative materials to be used for aesthetic interest.