Outdoor Kitchen Design Considerations

Everyone loves the outdoors and especially here in the beautiful Fort Lauderdale area. Spending more time outdoors is why we all live here and what better to dine outdoors than to cook outdoors. An outdoor kitchen offers another gathering space, just like how your primary kitchen often tends to be the spot where everyone convenes for your family and guests alike. Before you go making plans for adding one to your home, consider these helpful tips. 

Who You Need To Hire

Usually you will want to hire a general contractor for this type of job as they can make necessary arrangements for important things like plumbing and electrical work. Sometimes companies that sell outdoor appliances will even have names of resources. However, if you are adding a kitchen that is integrated into your landscaping, you may want to reach out to a landscape architect.

The Location

If you want to get the most out of it, you need to pick a location where it will be easy to use. Typically this will be near the most used exit of your home so that it is easily accessed. Aside from this, locating it near any focal point or area that offers lounging or seating may be a good runner up. 

The Design

The look and feel of the kitchen should be consistent with your landscaping and home’s style. If you add a pizza oven and cover with a tiki bar grass roof, make sure you tie everything together perhaps with a matching granite counter that is complementary. 


The appliances can really dictate just how much of a full kitchen that you are looking to do. Some opt for more of a cooking station that offers a built in grill and counter space while others build theirs out plumbed for a sink and add an under counter refrigerator making beverages simple for serving. Take it one step further and consider what you will need for storage for your pots, pans and utensils.

Other Considerations

Once you have planned for all of the basic needs, now it is time to tie it all together. Other niceties that can help is adding fans to either posts or ceilings nearby for cooling. Additionally, make sure you factor in necessary lighting. Evening barbeques are great but you want to be sure you can see what you are serving!