Tips For Selling A Vacant Property

Most buyers that tour homes for sale don’t have the true vision to see a home’s potential. This is why selling a home that is vacant can be more challenging. For some, they may have difficulty figuring out just how to set up rooms while most may have trouble figuring out just how much furniture would fit in each room. This is why staging a home correctly right at the beginning of the marketing process is best. There have been many studies that show a staged home sells faster and in many cases for more money. Here are some helpful tips if you are selling a vacant property.

Curb Appeal

Whether you live in the home or not, curb appeal is key. As the first and last thing every buyer will see you will want to make a good and lasting impression. Especially in the warmer months grass will grow quick so make sure you have regular care in place to keep things looking well maintained. Also make sure beds are lined with new mulch, hedges are trimmed and complete everything with a front door that is clean or freshly painted.

Stage Key Rooms 

While it is most ideal to stage the entire property, that is not always feasible. Start with your key common rooms like the living, dining and kitchen as most important. Next if possible, start down this list in order of priority: master bedroom, office/bonus room, other bedrooms. When you are arranging the furniture pay special attention to beds and couches as they are the key items that buyers will be looking to see how they fit. Choose items that are suitable for the size of the room. For smaller bedrooms go with a full size bed instead of that king for example. 

Remove Single Items

There is nothing worse than partially staging a room or leaving a stray item behind. While you may not be able to stage every room, don’t leave an item or two in any of the rooms. This will make the home look disheveled or almost like you were moving out during the middle of the night. Remove any single items like a lamp or personal belonging from any of the rooms.

Clean Regularly

Most homes these days are not staying on the market that long, but if your property remains on the market past a month then you will want to make sure it gets cleaned regularly. Keep buyer traffic dirt under control along with dust etc. so all will have a good clean impression of the home.

Temperature Control

Keep the home the right temperature so buyers are comfortable when touring the home. You can either control it remotely with a smart thermostat or at the least make sure the temperature is appropriate for when most showings are conducted during the days. Let buyers know your systems are working properly.


Same concept applies to lighting as it does to temperature. Other than the right ambient temperature you will want ambient lighting. Make sure no rooms are left super dark by either installing a smartbulb or using an old fashioned timer.