Tips For Hosting The Perfect Housewarming Party

Once your moving day has come and gone and everything is nearly in its place your home is now a home. Now it is time to celebrate your accomplishment and throw a housewarming party with your favorite people to start enjoying your home. You certainly don’t have to make this be a stressful ordeal, keep it simple and streamlined so your guests and you can fully bask in the enjoyment. Here are some great tips that will help keep your stress and your wallet in check. 

Pre-party prep

Most of the work needed to be done is before the actual party. This starts with making a list of everything you need to do. That list should include decluttering and cleaning your house, getting groceries that you will need for the party, serving platters, plates and the like as well as setting up gathering spaces. Make sure you have spaces for setting out food as well as plenty of seating for everyone to lounge.

Send an email invite

Invite your guests the easiest, fastest and most environmentally friendly way with an email invite. Evite or an event on Facebook are great ways to easily do this at no cost. Best of all, RSVP’s can happen very quickly too so you can get a fast head count for planning.

Prepare provisions

When planning out the food and drinks you can also keep things simple here so you aren’t tied up with cooking while trying to enjoy time with your guests. Head out to your grocery store or even wholesale membership club to get some platters. Most will have plates of bite size snacks, meat and cheeses, cracker spreads and mini sandwiches. Anything that is bite size and easy to eat is always best. Finally, if you venture out of these basics you may even want to pick a theme like build your own tacos for example.

Streamline serving

Put out your non-perishable items well in advance like nuts, chips and crackers. This will help save time so you only have to deal with warm or cold items right as guests arrive. Also, arrange your assortments utilizing more than just primary tables and enlist the help of sideboards, coffee and end tables.

Brevity with beverages

Put out all of the mixers with the alcohol while you can stock the fridge or even a cooler with beer, wine or those trendy hard seltzers everyone loves these days. If you are feeling creative and have the time, put out a jug of some homemade sangria or martini mix. They tend to up the game and also can look pretty cool on display for all to self-serve!


Create the right mood and environment. Table cloths for serving areas, colorful plant centerpieces and the right lighting are big items. Dim/warm lighting, perhaps tea lights or party lights in your outdoor areas and even some lanterns lining the front walk to greet guests are great ideas. Finally, consider the party theme and attendees and either create the perfect playlist of music or set it to the right station to keep some background pulse going. Enjoy!