Great Ways To Improve Your Home For Under $1,000 Each

Most everyone wants to improve their homes whether it is for their daily enjoyment or if it is during a time that they want to list and sell. While not everyone has an enormous budget to work with, the good news is there are still plenty of small scale updates that you can make that can have a big impact. Here is a closer look. 

Crown Molding

A regular room without any detail can run the risk of looking boring or cold. Crown molding that is added to a room can add a certain dimension and architectural interest. This can be a relatively inexpensive project to do to your home’s core rooms such as living and dining spaces. Painting it a crisp white to match the ceilings is great. For any rooms with lower ceiling heights then go with the same wall color. 

Front Door
Where it is the first thing all visitors see, your front door should make a great first impression. Choose something that is current, matches your home’s style and is a complementary color. If you are planning on selling your home then select a shade that is neutral. 

Outlet Covers and Switches

Bring your older home into current years with the updating of your wall switches. Replace your old toggle switches with new rocker types. You can take the opportunity to add dimmers to certain rooms and replace others with wifi enabled ones that can be controlled via smartphones.

Update Ceilings

Save your popcorn for the movies and remove it from your ceilings. Most everyone and every buyer will not be looking for this style of outdated ceiling texture. If you plan on doing this removal yourself, you may want to hire a specialist to test it for asbestos first.


Good lighting can have a big impact. You can never go wrong with recessed lighting as it is timeless and unobtrusive. Main living areas including kitchens and living rooms are fantastic places to invest in these types of lighting solutions. 

Guest Bath Flooring

If your bathroom is decades old perhaps with a pastel colored floor then it may be time to upgrade. Guest baths are typically smaller and of course are the place you want to showcase to your guests. These days ceramic tile remains fairly cost effective while luxury vinyl tile has come a long way in its look and durability as a fantastic option. 


The best tried and true way to transform your rooms on a small budget is with paint. Most everyone can handle a painting project themselves which can save them a lot of money as opposed to hiring a professional. If you are planning on selling soon, keep your palette as neutral as possible. Most paint companies offer ideas of current color trends that you can pull from as well!