The Top Home Features Buyers Want This Season

Inventory levels may still be on the low end, but buyers are still in search of some particular home features this season regardless. According to a recent release of information from, there have been some popular search terms that have been pretty common lately. The spring season along with some recent pandemic influence may be contributing to these trends that are as follows:

Water features

One of the most popular search terms this year continues to be a swimming pool, and not just in Florida. They have gained popularity since the pandemic carried right into this season. Aside from swimming pools we have seen hot tubs also becoming a highly searched feature. They can offer a great place to relax and unwind even during cooler temperatures and can also be somewhat therapeutic. 

Outdoor views

Oh the views! Buyers are looking for homes that offer some inspiring or peaceful views. Among the top most desirable types of views are river, waterfront, beach, water, lake or golf course. With homeowners spending more time at home they want to feel like they are on vacation all of the time. 

Outdoor activity and fitness

Buyers also have displayed an interest in properties that offer some sort of facilities for activities. Homes that offer community amenities such as golfing, tennis, boating, gyms and similar have gained search popularity. They are interested in living somewhere where they can enjoy things to do in between their live/work schedule. 


Buyers want even more space nowadays. Some popular searches revolving around roominess included cathedral ceilings, large lots, outbuildings and even a library. The high ceilings make spaces feel larger and open as buyers are excited by homes that are appearing more accommodating. Libraries or outbuildings can also offer many more options for activity rooms or home offices.