Your Post Move Checklist

Most everyone gets consumed by all that needs to be done when leading up to their closing day, but what should you do right after you close and move in? Now that the home inspection, financing requirements and all contracts have been completed and you physically have moved in, what should you make sure you take care of next? Here is some help on items to take care of once you start unpacking.

Inspect belongings

When you hire movers to help you relocate, be sure to inspect all of your belongings as you unpack. Most movers will have a contract stating that they are insured and offer coverage should there be damage to any of your belongings as a result of anything on their end. Check your contract while you review your personal items.

Figure out trash days

With a big move comes a lot of trash. Figure out both when and where to leave your trash for pick up. That also includes recycling and how to dispose of any larger unwanted items.

Update the locks

Who knows who the previous resident gave keys to. Now that you live in the home it is best to keep things safe and change the locks. Now you can keep track and control who has access to your new home.

Register your car

Whether you moved to a new state or one town over you should update your registration. Contact your insurance agent so that you remain in compliance with your policy. Your premium is based on your address so you will want to have that current. Who knows, your rate may even decrease if you are lucky!

Paint now

There is no better time to paint than right as you move in. Before you start unpacking, placing large pieces of furniture along walls or hanging pictures, get that fresh coat of paint up in your rooms. 

Update voting address

No matter if it is for the president of the United States or for a local school board election don’t forget to update your voting address. There is no better way to start making a difference in your community than voting for your officials of choice. 

Check your credit

Your credit report will be accessed during your move for financial confirmation for your loan. Your personal information during a home purchase is often exposed to all necessary parties so it is a wise idea to check your credit report within six months of making a move. Confirm that your address is correct but also check for anything suspicious.