6 Tips For Caring For Your New Home

Once you have completed the purchase of your new home and moved in, now begins the true chapter of home ownership. The process of the home purchase has involved many important steps and now post closing begins some responsibilities that you will want to make sure you pay attention to. Here is a closer look at what you should be doing. 



When you went through the buying process you most certainly needed to have an insurance binder for the property, but now make sure you have your contents covered too. Do you have enough coverage for that expensive piano or the like? For contents you may be able to bundle this policy with your auto premium so be sure to check into that.


Add Organization

Most people will pack up their belongings into boxes and label them with the contents or by room. Once you are unpacking in your new home, go room by room and consider getting some home organization items to help. For example closet organizers, drawer organizers and the like can make things so much easier to find.


Check/Add Safety Monitors

You may have had a smoke inspection before purchasing your home but take it one step further. First consider adding more carbon monoxide detectors rather than just those for smoke. Also, now is a good time to consider a home security system. Check with your insurance company too as some options may lower your premium. 


Assess Landscaping

While home structure items are covered in a home inspection, some landscaping concerns may not be. Take some time to look at your landscaping and see if all is well especially for future storm concerns. Are there larger tree branches that should be trimmed so they don’t damage your home? Are there any slopes that may cause water to drain towards your home instead of away? Get ahead of future issues now with some preventative measures.


Meet The Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors is not just about being social with them but it is about creating positive relationships. Exchange numbers and make sure you all know who lives at home including your pets in case one ever escapes! Benefits of knowing your neighbors also includes helping each other out when traveling, checking your mail or on your home.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

Once you have done some maintenance after moving in it won’t end there. Put your home on a maintenance schedule for important items. That includes regular HVAC filter replacement and service, smoke detector battery check/replacement, gutter cleaning and the like. Staying on top of these things will help make your home run like a well oiled machine.