10 Important Ways to Protect Your New Home

The real estate market in the past few years has certainly been busy with many people making moves to new homes. If you were among one of these new homeowners, you may be interested in ways to protect your new most valuable possession. Here are some helpful tips.

New Locks
No matter how secure you feel in your new home, changing the locks is always a great idea. You never know who the previous owner lent keys out to or how many copies are out there. These days you can consider a smart lock where you can control them remotely or even provide temporary codes for access. 

Video Doorbell

These have become very popular and help not only with security but also add great convenience to see who is at your door each time the bell rings. You can be miles away and answer a live feed of who is there.

New Blinds

Blinds offer a few benefits. Clearly privacy for when you are at home, but also they can keep things out of sight for potential thieves. Additionally, they can help insulate the home from weather, keeping your energy costs lower. Today there are smart blinds as well that can be controlled by your smart device either manually or programmable.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat takes a programmable one to the next level. Models today can be programmed, controlled remotely and can also sense whether one is home or not and adjust accordingly. These add great convenience and efficiency to your life.

Fire Extinguisher

Sometimes we can get focused on all of the higher tech items to have in your home and forget about some of the basics. Be sure to have a fire extinguisher handy around the home. For larger homes, consider multiples so they are nearby in case you need one.

Smart Smoke Alarm

Smart smoke alarms alert everyone at once and can also contact the authorities asap. Where these are connected to an app you will see exactly where the danger zone is so you can escape accordingly. 

First-Aid Kit

Have one of these on hand ideally even before you start unpacking. With all of the moving around and lifting of heavy objects simple cuts and bruises can happen early on!

Motion Sensor Lights

These are great for security and convenience. Whether for yourself when you come home in the dark or take the trash out at night and need light or if someone is trespassing you will then see them. Couple these with a video camera if you want to increase the security factor.

Outdoor Storage Protection

Today there are options for your outdoor belongings too. Specialized outdoor contact sensors work with your home security system and can attach to things like a gate, shed door, grill etc. In the event of movement, they send you an alert.

Home Security System

Home security systems these days do many of the above things but can do more. There are the sensors for your doors and windows, cameras and alerts but there are also smart water valves that can manage shutdown measures to protect against leaks as well!