How To Pick The Perfect Home

Once you have made the decision to buy a home, have saved up your down payment and locked down a real estate agent, now you start your search. This is actually the fun and exciting part but it can present some unique challenges. You may have many options to consider from a more urban or suburban location to style of home be it a single family or condo. To help narrow down your focus, here are some helpful tips!

Have a discussion

While you may have a good idea about what you want in the way of a new home, be sure to have a full discussion with your agent about your needs and goals. Only they will be able to guide you through what to look for and what is realistic in the market of choice. 

Relax about timing
Unless there is an impending job relocation with a set deadline, try not to be so strict on your timing. You never know what is going to come on the market and when, nevermind if the homes are right or not for you. If the first home you see is perfect, make a move but otherwise let things fall into place organically.

See past decor

For most homes this should not be an issue. However, don’t turn your nose up at a home if it is not decorated the way that you may like. Keep in mind that the current owners are going to take their belongings with them. For any rooms that are painted colors that you may not like, that is certainly an easy enough fix. 

Take photos

Chances are that you will see many homes as you search for the perfect one. It could be that you will even see several in one day too. Take the burden of remembering all the details away by taking some pictures as you go. Go one step further and make notes on your mobile device of details that you really liked or disliked. This will help you make more serious decisions later.

Focus on energy

Other than making sure the home has everything that you absolutely need, sometimes you can just get a feeling of if it is right or not. Sometimes it can be due to the layout, or natural light, or views. Pay attention to how you literally feel as you walk into the home. If you feel like you are “at home” then that can be a great sign that it is the right place for you.