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Six Tips For Caring For Your New Home

Most everyone knows that once you have completed the purchase of your new home and moved in, now begins the chapter in your life of home ownership. The process of the home purchase has involved many important steps and now after the closing begins some responsibilities that you will want to make sure you pay close attention to. Here is a look at what you should be doing. 

Property Insurance

When you went through the buying process you would have needed to have an insurance binder for the property, but now you should make sure you have your contents covered too. Do you have enough coverage for that expensive piano you have? For contents you may even be able to bundle this policy with your auto premium so be sure to look into that.

Add Organization

Most people will pack up their belongings into boxes and label them with the contents or maybe by room. Once you are unpacking in your new home, go room by room and consider getting some home organization items to help. Examples include closet organizers, drawer organizers and the like can make things so much easier to find going forward.

Check/Add Safety Monitors

You would have had a smoke inspection before purchasing your home but take it one step further. Consider adding more carbon monoxide detectors rather than just those for smoke. Also, now is a great time to consider having a home security system. Check with your insurance company too as some options may even lower your premium. 

Assess Landscaping

While home structural items are examined in a home inspection, some landscaping concerns might not be. Take some time to look at your landscaping and see if all is well especially for any future storm concerns. Are there larger tree branches that should be cut so they don’t damage your home? Are there any slopes that may cause water to drain towards your home instead of away from it? Get ahead of potential issues now with some preventative measures.

Meet The Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors is not just about being social but it is about creating positive relationships. Exchange numbers and make sure you all know who lives at home including your pets in case one ever escapes. Other benefits of knowing your neighbors includes helping each other out when traveling, checking your mail or on your home.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

Once you have done some maintenance after moving in it doesn’t end there. Put your home on a schedule for the important items. That includes things like regular HVAC filter replacement and service, smoke detector battery check/replacement and gutter cleaning. Staying on top of these things will help make your home run smooth like a well oiled machine! 


Beat the Heat: Listing Your Home in August Is Actually a Great Idea

Listing your home for sale in August might not sound like the most appealing idea at first. After all, the summer heat can be intense, and many potential buyers may be away on vacation.

However, there are some practical advantages to consider that could make August an excellent time to sell your home. Here’s why listing your home in the last dog days of summer may actually be to your benefit.

Limited Inventory
One of the main advantages of selling in August is that there might be less competition in the housing market. Many homeowners prefer to wait until the spring or fall to list their homes, which means there could be fewer properties available for buyers to choose from during the summer. With fewer options on the market, your home can stand out more and attract serious buyers looking to make a purchase quickly.

Motivated Buyers
Buyers who are actively searching for a home in August are often more motivated to move quickly. Some may be relocating for a job or need to finalize their housing situation before the start of the new school year. This sense of urgency could work in your favor, as motivated buyers may be more willing to negotiate and make competitive offers.

Faster Closing Process
Another upside to listing in August is the potential for a faster closing process. With fewer transactions happening during this time, mortgage lenders, appraisers and title companies may have more bandwidth to handle your sale efficiently. A quicker closing process can be appealing to both buyers and sellers, as it reduces the time and stress involved in the transaction.

Highlighting Seasonal Features
If your home has attractive seasonal features like a well-maintained garden, pool or outdoor entertaining area, listing in August allows you to showcase these assets at their best. Potential buyers can see firsthand how these features enhance the property during the warm summer months, making your home more appealing to those who appreciate outdoor living spaces.

Tax Refunds and Bonuses
In some cases, potential buyers may receive tax refunds or summer bonuses that could provide them with extra funds for a down payment. These financial windfalls could lead to an increase in serious buyers during the summer months. By listing your home in August, you position yourself to attract these financially capable buyers who are ready to make a move.

Easier to Stage and Maintain
Preparing your home for showings and staging it for sale is often easier during the summer. With longer daylight hours and better weather, you can showcase your home’s best features and create an inviting atmosphere for potential buyers. Plus, maintenance tasks like painting, landscaping and minor repairs are generally more manageable during the summer months.

Warmer Weather Boosts Happiness
Warm, sunny weather puts people in better moods. Therefore, listing in August can bring much happier customers your way. If a first impression of your home – beautiful as it may be – is sullied by someone’s sour mood, the transaction is less likely to move forward. Listing in August means you’ll have more bright, sun-filled days to show off every aspect of your home to a more cheerfully receptive audience.

Listing your home for sale in August might not be the most traditional choice, but there are some practical advantages to consider. Limited inventory, motivated buyers, a faster closing process and the ability to highlight seasonal features are all factors that could work in your favor. If you’re looking to sell your home and are prepared to embrace the summer heat, August could be the ideal time to make your move in the real estate market.

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7 Popular Home Design Trends

Home design trends evolve and change year to year with some styles holding consistent while others emerge that can sometimes come at a surprise. According to recent information released by Houzz, here are some of the more popular trends that homeowners have been interested in this year. 

Roof Decks

Especially for the city dweller, expanding living space onto rooftops can be an option that comes with spectacular views. Searches for “rooftop terrace” increased 1,500% year over year.

Spacious Bathrooms

Popular designs these days for bathrooms are actually going hand in hand with accessibility. Spacious bathrooms that have larger, curbless showers are becoming more popular. They offer more room and look great while they are also accommodating for those who are looking to age in place. 

Industrial Kitchens

Restaurant kitchens are an inspiration for an easy to clean, durable and stylish look. Searches for “industrial kitchen” increased 41% along with “brick walls” at 93% that can help complete the look.

Entertaining Kitchens

It is no surprise that the kitchen is where everyone congregates when you have guests. Therefore, searches for “large kitchen island with seating” rose 187%, “beverage station” was up 71% and “walk-in kitchen pantry” soared at 2,636%.


Open concepts are very popular these days but there is always a need for some sort of separation. Options for temporary privacy, lower noise levels or even just some visual delineation are necessary. Searches for “living room divider” was up 446% and “shoji screen” increased 60%.

Architectural Ceilings

Getting creative and not neglecting the ceiling as the fifth wall is now a new thing. Searches for ideas such as “high-gloss ceiling” rose 816% while “tongue-and-groove ceiling” was up 74%.

Small Outdoor Spaces

Those with small outdoor spaces have been on the prowl for creative ideas with searches for “small screened-in porch ideas” up 522% and “small plunge pool” up 375%.

How To Enhance Home Energy Efficiency And Add Value

Everyone knows that as we are entering the really warm weather months you may see some higher energy bills. For any of you who may wish to increase your home’s energy efficiency, here are some helpful ideas that you may want to consider putting those tax returns towards. Some may have a high ROI as well when it comes time for you to sell!


New windows have multiple benefits. They can enhance the look of your home, help reduce energy costs, they may cut down on outside noise and can be a selling point when you decide to list your home. Window replacement is typically one of the upgrades that you can recoup a higher ROI for on a resale. 

Energy Star Appliances

Newer appliances can use up to 40% less energy than ones a decade or older which is substantial. New kitchen appliances can often be purchased in packages which can be a great way to give your kitchen a facelift too!


Weatherstripping is one of those things that doesn’t cost much but makes a big difference. Seal up all of your drafts and gaps in your exterior doors. Stripping can be added to the sides and top of doors while sweeps can be installed on the bottom. 

Water Heater

Water heaters are among one of the bigger energy drains in one’s home. You can upgrade to an energy star rated model for some savings or better yet opt for a tankless model and only pay to heat the water that you use. These are typically more expensive up front but save on operating costs and you won’t run out of hot water if a family member takes a longer shower than normal!

Garage Door

Homes with garage doors tend to get overlooked as a source of energy loss. Many homes will have rooms above or adjacent to the garage that may have spillover energy loss. Therefore, making sure you have a good, energy-efficient garage door will help lower your bills while making it easier to regulate your home’s temperature. 

Attic Insulation

A hot attic is among the bigger culprits for most homes and one of the easiest ways to improve efficiency is to install some insulation. Be sure to alert buyers if you have done this as most won’t tour your attic. Share your lower utility bill averages too while you prove home efficiency.

How To Build The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Everyone wants to fully enjoy the use of their homes these days and who doesn’t wish to spend some of that time outdoors? Having a well developed outdoor space will be an extension of your living space which is certainly handy when you have those get-togethers this summer. Here are some helpful suggestions if you want to create the perfect environment for dinner parties and cookouts. 

Establish your budget

Just like any home project, you will need to decide on your budget and then back track from there. Creating an official outdoor space like this will certainly add value to your home so figure if you will be using savings or even a HELOC to help you afford the improvement. Then solicit some estimates to see if it matches up to your budget.

Select the location 

One of the first logistical steps is to identify the right location. Things to consider should be proximity to your home for any necessary utilities as well as a space that will be accommodating for space and comfort. Give consideration to the elements as well. You won’t want an outdoor kitchen out in the direct blazing sunlight.

Design the layout

Once you have picked the right location then comes the actual design and layout. Be sure to factor in plenty of room for preparing, cooking and dining. Outdoor kitchens are different where you don’t have walls which means you need countertops and furniture to define the space. Will it be L shaped, U shaped or a simple larger counter? If you have the space then you can consider combining your dining with your cooking counter.

Choose quality appliances

Depending on the design that you choose, cooking appliances will play a key role in defining your space. High-quality appliances are the heart of your luxury kitchen somewhat similar to your indoor kitchen so pick the right appliances to be an extension of your cooking habits, interests and taste. The most common outdoor kitchen appliances are typically grills, pizza ovens, side burners, refrigerators and sinks.

Pick cabinetry and furniture

To add value to your luxury outdoor kitchen, complement your space by having creative storage options and high-quality furniture. Common outdoor cabinet materials include stainless steel and PVC for their durability and aesthetic. The summer sun will never fade HDPE cabinets, keeping them chic for longer for a smart material choice. Outdoor patio furniture will work well for your outdoor kitchen space using weather-proof chairs, stools or couches to maximize entertainment, dining and relaxation. Having an outdoor kitchen table may act as the perfect setting for parties, events or family dinners.

Once you have done all of these things, now it is time to enjoy!

5 Great Energy Efficient Home Upgrades

Energy efficient upgrades for your home are always going to be a great idea. The return on investment can be great as you have a regard for the planet, save money on energy costs and you can add value whenever it comes time to sell your home. Decide what is most important for updating in your own home and what works for your budget first, but otherwise here are some of the best ones that will help pad your wallet.

Attic insulation

True, it may not be an exciting upgrade as it is often something you don’t get to see, adding insulation to your attic can be an ideal way to save some money. The EPA estimates that homeowners could save approximately 15% on heating and cooling with effective insulation. 


If you have drafts coming through the corners of your windows it may be time to consider an upgrade. Even windows with good seals can transfer passive energy if the panes are not energy efficient. The EPA also estimates that you can save 15% annually on energy bills with energy efficient windows. 


Just like your windows, your doors can also be a big culprit for energy loss. Studies show leaky ones can be upwards or 40% energy loss. Similar to windows, you will want to have tight fitting doors that not only have strong seals for gaps but also are insulated to keep passive energy loss to a minimum.

Solar panels

Solar panels can be costly to install up front, but the long term gain is worth it. Usually the installation cost can be more than $15,000 but most homeowners will pay off their panels in eight years with the average panels lasting 25 years. 


Investing in a programmable thermostat has been proven to work well in terms of saving on energy bills. states that homeowners can save up to $180 per year on heating and cooling costs if you program your thermostat to their suggested settings. The convenience of programming temperatures to your liking is also a nice value add.