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8 Things To Do After Closing On Your New Home

When the time has come that you have finally closed on your new home and gotten the keys, then it is important to consider some next steps. Before you start redecorating and planning your future housewarming parties, make sure you get down to some essential business first. Here are some things you will want to be sure you take care of. Insurance For anyone that has a mortgage, homeowners insurance (and possibly flood insurance) will be required. However, make sure you don’t forget about your contents too. Discuss this with your agent and see if you can even do a bundle with your automobiles too and save. Change The Locks You never know who the previous owner has handed keys Read More »

Easy Ways To Personalize Your New Home

Everyone knows that when you first move into your new home it is common to want to put your own personal stamp on it to make it feel like it’s yours. Your furniture and belongings will do that to a certain point, but not everyone has the vision to know where to start. Here are some great and simple ways to customize your new home. Paint Front Door For a much smaller project than painting the whole house, consider painting the front door with a new color of your personal liking. This will revamp the look but also help put your own taste into the front facade. Designate an Accent Wall  If you cannot decide on an idea for changing Read More »

Your Kitchen Design and Renovating Guide

Doing over your kitchen can be an undertaking especially if it is your first time designing and renovating. The kitchen is also the heart of the home where so much time is spent and so much focus is given when determining the value of the home. Before you start planning out your kitchen project, here is a helpful guide on the important steps to take. Plan The Project The first place to begin is to do some overall planning. This means come up with a budget and decide on the kind of look you want and what things you are looking to incorporate into the design. Prioritizing your wants and needs will also help you keep things within your budget.  Read More »

How To Enhance Home Energy Efficiency And Add Value

Everyone knows that as we are entering the really warm weather months you may see some higher energy bills. For any of you who may wish to increase your home’s energy efficiency, here are some helpful ideas that you may want to consider putting those tax returns towards. Some may have a high ROI as well when it comes time for you to sell! Windows New windows have multiple benefits. They can enhance the look of your home, help reduce energy costs, they may cut down on outside noise and can be a selling point when you decide to list your home. Window replacement is typically one of the upgrades that you can recoup a higher ROI for on a Read More »

How To Build The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Everyone wants to fully enjoy the use of their homes these days and who doesn’t wish to spend some of that time outdoors? Having a well developed outdoor space will be an extension of your living space which is certainly handy when you have those get-togethers this summer. Here are some helpful suggestions if you want to create the perfect environment for dinner parties and cookouts.  Establish your budget Just like any home project, you will need to decide on your budget and then back track from there. Creating an official outdoor space like this will certainly add value to your home so figure if you will be using savings or even a HELOC to help you afford the improvement. Read More »

5 Great Energy Efficient Home Upgrades

Energy efficient upgrades for your home are always going to be a great idea. The return on investment can be great as you have a regard for the planet, save money on energy costs and you can add value whenever it comes time to sell your home. Decide what is most important for updating in your own home and what works for your budget first, but otherwise here are some of the best ones that will help pad your wallet. Attic insulation True, it may not be an exciting upgrade as it is often something you don’t get to see, adding insulation to your attic can be an ideal way to save some money. The EPA estimates that homeowners could Read More »