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5 Tips For Making Your Kitchen The Best Room In Your House

Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where families gather for meals, guests congregate when they visit and where many memories are made. The kitchen is often regarded for one of the rooms that a home’s value is so dependent on as a result. Here are a handful of ideas of how to elevate your kitchen and make it sensational.  Flowers and Greenery A very simple way to enhance your kitchen is to add some life to it, literally. Consider adding in some fresh flowers or greenery. Whether it be a vase on a windowsill with fresh flowers or some plants on open shelves or as a centerpiece they will add warmth and maybe Read More »

6 Kitchen Trends to Stand the Test of Time

Most everyone knows that as expensive and exciting as a kitchen renovation can be, we know this overhaul can be quite a large project. Given the time invested and price-tag that is associated, it is important to not only inject your own personal style, but you will also want it to stand the test of time. Here are 6 kitchen trends that will last for years to come.  Open Shelving Colored and glass front cabinets have been around for years now, but open shelving offers the benefit of being cost effective as well as eye-catching. It does take some thought to strategically plan so that it is accommodating for your needs, but the install is simple and it will motivate Read More »

4 Home Updates To Tempt Buyers

As your trusted real estate resource, I know that if you are currently a homeowner, you know how to think like a buyer. When it comes time to sell you will have a good understanding of what buyers will be looking for as you went through the very same thing. While you probably know your home’s strengths and weaknesses, here are several key things you can audit it for when looking to make it more valuable to buyers. Kitchen Upgrades Without going crazy there are some creative ways to add value to your kitchen. New cabinet hardware can help uplift the look along with resurfacing the cabinets with a brighter color. Adding or replacing a dated or darker backsplash is Read More »

8 Things To Do After Closing On Your New Home

When the time has come that you have finally closed on your new home and gotten the keys, then it is important to consider some next steps. Before you start redecorating and planning your future housewarming parties, make sure you get down to some essential business first. Here are some things you will want to be sure you take care of. Insurance For anyone that has a mortgage, homeowners insurance (and possibly flood insurance) will be required. However, make sure you don’t forget about your contents too. Discuss this with your agent and see if you can even do a bundle with your automobiles too and save. Change The Locks You never know who the previous owner has handed keys Read More »

Easy Ways To Personalize Your New Home

Everyone knows that when you first move into your new home it is common to want to put your own personal stamp on it to make it feel like it’s yours. Your furniture and belongings will do that to a certain point, but not everyone has the vision to know where to start. Here are some great and simple ways to customize your new home. Paint Front Door For a much smaller project than painting the whole house, consider painting the front door with a new color of your personal liking. This will revamp the look but also help put your own taste into the front facade. Designate an Accent Wall  If you cannot decide on an idea for changing Read More »

Your Kitchen Design and Renovating Guide

Doing over your kitchen can be an undertaking especially if it is your first time designing and renovating. The kitchen is also the heart of the home where so much time is spent and so much focus is given when determining the value of the home. Before you start planning out your kitchen project, here is a helpful guide on the important steps to take. Plan The Project The first place to begin is to do some overall planning. This means come up with a budget and decide on the kind of look you want and what things you are looking to incorporate into the design. Prioritizing your wants and needs will also help you keep things within your budget.  Read More »