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Organize Your Kitchen With These Tips

The kitchen for almost everyone is the heart of the home. It is where meals are made and eaten, family and friends gather and sometimes additional time is spent for various reasons at the counter or table. With so much time spent here some good organization is paramount for it to be the well oiled machine that you need it to be. Here are some really great tips on how to make yours fully functional for your needs.  Flatware Organizer If possible, having a flatware drawer organizer that is built in is always best. The reason being is they will be sure to fit properly. Second to that would be one you find at a store that fits in so Read More »

5 Things To Cover Before Starting a Renovation Project

When the time has come that you want to start your home remodeling project, you will begin with some planning. Initially, you may think the most challenging part of the planning would be the money and financial part, but sometimes selecting the right remodeling company could be the hardest. To prepare yourself well for that, here are some things to discuss so that you can see if they are the right company for you. Readiness Experts recommend that you furnish your contractor with an outline of what you are looking to do for the project ahead of meeting. Include your expectations of regular meetings and check-ins too. If your early communications are off to a good start then it can Read More »

7 Popular Kitchen Remodeling Trends

These days homeowners are still paying a lot of money on kitchen renovations but they are increasingly selecting sustainable options that save over time. Preferences on cabinet styles, lighting and features are always changing. See what the trends are these days per recent studies by Houzz below. Sustainability A lot of homeowners are choosing sustainable options such as LED light bulbs, energy efficient appliances and water efficient fixtures. While these can sometimes require a little more money up front, they are cost effective in the long run which is also ultimately more environmentally friendly. Cabinet Styles For many years now we have seen shaker style cabinets being among the top picks for remodels. However, there has recently been a slight Read More »

6 Tips For Making Your Remodel More Sustainable

Home remodels involve a lot of planning and mapping out of what you want and how you are going to go about executing it. These days most everyone has a regard for efficiency and sustainability but also for their budget. But what if you could respect both during the process? Here are some helpful tips from architects at Houzz that are both kind to the earth and your wallet.  Size One easy way to have a lighter footprint is to control the size. Think more of a less is more attitude and go for quality over quantity. Smaller spaces and smaller renovations are going to be cheaper and use less materials. If you are in need of using any materials Read More »

Appliances You Will Want For Your Next Home

When moving into your new home you will want to make it both comfortable and efficient. To accomplish this you will need to select the right appliances that will save you money and provide you with comfortable living. Here is some helpful information on how to go about this. Water Heater Historically most homes have always had a hot water heater that involves a large tank. The tank works regularly to heat the water to be on standby but inevitably will experience some heat loss meaning the unit needs to continuously work to maintain its temperature. Nowadays modern homes or renovations are often using a tankless system as they can be more efficient. The other benefit is that they are Read More »

10 Important Ways to Protect Your New Home

The real estate market in the past few years has certainly been busy with many people making moves to new homes. If you were among one of these new homeowners, you may be interested in ways to protect your new most valuable possession. Here are some helpful tips. New Locks No matter how secure you feel in your new home, changing the locks is always a great idea. You never know who the previous owner lent keys out to or how many copies are out there. These days you can consider a smart lock where you can control them remotely or even provide temporary codes for access.  Video Doorbell These have become very popular and help not only with security Read More »