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Saving For A Down Payment V. Retirement

Saving up for a down payment on your new home can feel like a painstaking hurdle for many. By the time you pay taxes, put aside for retirement and cover living expenses it can feel like you don’t have much left to build a reserve. This may have you looking at cutting costs here and there and maybe even consider lowering your contribution for your retirement. Here is a breakdown on whether that is the right option for you. Retirement Logistics There are some factors that you will want to consider if you debate lowering your retirement contribution.  First, you will want to take into account your age, where you are in life and your tax bracket. Depending on how Read More »

Why Buyers Need To Hire Experienced Agents

Buying a home at any given time can be a bit overwhelming with all that is involved. But today’s real estate market continues to be anything but normal. The lower inventory levels are still encouraging multiple offers on the same property while home prices are back on the rise. Navigating all of this can be stressful if you aren’t working with an experienced professional. Here are just a few of the ways that an experienced agent like myself can help you. Experience Only an experienced real estate agent will know exactly how to navigate a transaction the best way possible. With a finger on the pulse of the current market along with vital information from experience they will guide you Read More »

5 Tips For Making Homeownership a Success

Homeownership is very rewarding in many ways. You can live in the home or change the home to be exactly the way you want it all while building equity over time. However, it is also a big responsibility. Repairs, maintenance and the like are all your responsibilities and sometimes things arise when you least expect them. Here are some tips that can help make the experience more manageable.  Organization Staying organized is the key to success. Make sure you keep track of bills, due dates on any contracts associated with the home or when annual dates come for any work that may need to be done regularly. Set up a system so all paperwork is easily accessed and in a Read More »

How To Pick The Perfect Home

Once you have made the decision to buy a home, have saved up your down payment and locked down a real estate agent, now you start your search. This is actually the fun and exciting part but it can present some unique challenges. You may have many options to consider from a more urban or suburban location to style of home be it a single family or condo. To help narrow down your focus, here are some helpful tips! Have a discussion While you may have a good idea about what you want in the way of a new home, be sure to have a full discussion with your agent about your needs and goals. Only they will be able Read More »

7 Tips For Second-Time Homebuyers

Buying a home for the first time requires a lot of research as you navigate your way through the process. There are a lot of things to prepare for that you probably have never done before like refrain from any larger purchases that may tarnish your credit score. However, with all of these first time buyer tips, what should you consider if you are going to be buying your second home? Here are seven pointers for anyone looking to buy again in today’s market. Establish a sell/buy transition plan When you buy your first home, you probably just have to have a regard for getting out of a lease or leaving a friend or relative’s home. However, buying a second Read More »

Tips For a Painless Move

Buying a new home is very exciting. Finally you have a new place to live and make yours as you begin the next chapter of your life. But let’s face it, the actual physical move can be a drag. So here are some helpful tips that can help make your move as painless as possible.  Freshen first You may have made some notes when touring the home before you actually closed on it but see what sort of work needs to be done. Are certain rooms in need of painting? Do any of the floors need to be redone? Take care of these items first as it can be far easier than working around your belongings after they are moved Read More »