Ways to Control your Smarthome with your Smartphone

Have you ever been at work and wished you could remember if you shut the lights off at home? Or been out running errands on the weekend and wondered if anyone has stopped by your house while you were gone? If you have a busy schedule that keeps you out of the house then hooking your home up to your smartphone can be a great idea. Additionally, making your smartphone a remote control for your home adds even more centralized convenience.

If you haven’t considered this option or if you aren’t sure about the advantages, here are many ways that you can use your smart home technology to make your life easier.

Locking Doors Remotely – With smart lock, you can lock your doors remotely wherever you are. You can let your neighbor in to drop off a pan they borrowed if you are lying on a beach miles away.

Close the garage door – The same technology that allows you to operate the garage door from your car also allows you to do it further away via your phone. Also, if you opt for a garage door opener that has a camera, you can view what may trigger the door when you aren’t there.

Cooling/Heating your home before you arrive – There is nothing better than arriving home to the house being at the right temperature. If you adjust your thermostat during the day for cost savings, you can adjust the temperature on your way home so that is just right when you arrive.

Turn light on remotely – Nobody likes walking into a home that is completely dark. With a smart lighting system you can turn lights on in the house before you arrive for safety.

Check in on kids and pets with cameras – With a smartphone that is connected to a security system with cameras you can check in on kids after school or pets that are home during the day.

See who is at the front door – Whether you are in the bathroom, out doing errands or at work a smart doorbell allows you to see who is at your front door. Let delivery people know where to leave a package or confirm who your guest is before you open the door.

Smoke and carbon monoxide levels – Smart detectors will send you mobile alerts if smoke or high levels of carbon monoxide are detected. If something goes wrong, you can call for help immediately.