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7 Popular Kitchen Remodeling Trends

These days homeowners are still paying a lot of money on kitchen renovations but they are increasingly selecting sustainable options that save over time. Preferences on cabinet styles, lighting and features are always changing. See what the trends are these days per recent studies by Houzz below.


A lot of homeowners are choosing sustainable options such as LED light bulbs, energy efficient appliances and water efficient fixtures. While these can sometimes require a little more money up front, they are cost effective in the long run which is also ultimately more environmentally friendly.

Cabinet Styles

For many years now we have seen shaker style cabinets being among the top picks for remodels. However, there has recently been a slight increase in flat panel styles instead. Custom cabinetry has still been going strong, being among the favorites. The vast majority of people select some kind of handle for the doors with bar pulls still being among the top choice.

Wooden Cabinets

While white cabinets aren’t going anywhere soon, wood tones are a close runner up and are gaining popularity year over year. Additionally, picking a different color island cabinet from the surrounding is also among one of the more trendy choices.

Professional Hiring

Demand for cabinet makers is on the rise with the vast majority of homeowners doing their remodel projects with a trade professional. Most people will hire a general contractor for the job with those hiring a decorator or architect being up this year from recent years.

Recessed Lighting Over Under Cabinet

Under cabinet lighting still is very popular for task lighting solutions, but recessed lighting has gained even more in popularity bringing it to the number one choice for kitchen lighting. 

High Tech Features

More than half of homeowners chose an upgraded faucet such as water efficient, touch-only or touch free and no-fingerprint coating. Top tech features for appliances on the rise include wi-fi capable ones and those controllable by smartphones. 

Budgets Increasing

With costs going up all around it is no surprise that the spend on kitchen remodeling projects is up across the board. From smaller remodels jobs to major gut renovations the median spend for nearly all was up year over year. 


6 Tips For Making Your Remodel More Sustainable

Home remodels involve a lot of planning and mapping out of what you want and how you are going to go about executing it. These days most everyone has a regard for efficiency and sustainability but also for their budget. But what if you could respect both during the process? Here are some helpful tips from architects at Houzz that are both kind to the earth and your wallet. 


One easy way to have a lighter footprint is to control the size. Think more of a less is more attitude and go for quality over quantity. Smaller spaces and smaller renovations are going to be cheaper and use less materials. If you are in need of using any materials that are not sustainable, a smaller space will likely require less of them too.

No Demo Reno

Before you start knocking down walls ask yourself if you can get the same or similar results with upgrading what you currently have. Full renovations with demolition can get very expensive and cost nearly as much as new builds. Consider working with as much as you already have to save.


Make sure you do your research so you are fully aware of everything you have before you begin. This will help reduce waste and conserve costs. Specifically, have a regard for your home’s orientation. It can have a significant impact on your home’s utility costs where you can make sure you design with a regard for things like natural light and ventilation.


This is ideal if you can reuse or repurpose some elements of your home, but understandably you may not be able to in some instances. For example, keeping appliances may save you initially, but in the long run if they are older and less efficient, it may make more sense to replace them with newer models and either give away or sell your old ones.

Buy Local

Choosing to go with locally sourced and made materials and products is both environmentally responsible and socially responsible. It reduces transportation emissions and helps create jobs and support local economies. Win – win!

Long Term Design and Flexibility

Thinking about “future you,” consider longer term ways your home may be used. For example, a room that you use as a nursery or kids playroom now may make sense later on as a home office or TV room. Or think about flexibility now with maybe a current home office that can double as a guest room. 


10 Home Designs To Rise in 2023

Home design is ever changing. With more people working from home and spending more time there, home is somewhere we value even more these days. Design trends as a result are aiming to work in more creativity with color, texture, patterns and optimism. Here are 10 of the home design trends that everyone is excited about for the coming year. 

Kitchen Trends

Natural Materials

Natural materials are always popular but lately they have become even more so. In kitchens, we are seeing more quartzite and other natural counters complemented by marble tile and wood cabinets. 

Wood Cabinets

Wood cabinetry is a popular choice these days. White oak is among one of the top picks with walnut also being popular. 

Creative Island Seating

Casual seating is always appealing at a kitchen island. For larger kitchens this can be a secondary place to dine and for smaller kitchens this can be a great solution for a combined table and prep area. Trends include things like an extension of the island for dining either with a different counter or even a lowered height for differentiation. 

Commercial Faucets

A popular look is to go with a commercial style faucet that can better handle your cooking tasks. Many brands are offering lines that are a mix of industrial and modern design.


Thresholdless Shower

Perhaps one of the most sleek looks is to have your bathroom tile floor run right into the shower without any curb to separate the two. This extends your non slip surface and can make a smaller bath look larger!

Blue and White

Just like blue accents in current kitchen design trends, this has also been a popular choice in bathroom design. The idea is it can add some life to all white palettes without appearing too bold or drastic. 


In the interest of creating a spa-like bath, homeowners are looking to include a relaxing experience. To accomplish this, features like multiple shower heads or handhelds that offer various spray settings or massage can do the trick. Handhelds can also make both shower and pet cleaning much easier!

Living Areas

Layers of Textures

A popular trend in design is to work with layered texture. That can be done with decor, wallpaper, materials and accessories. Popular styles include working with wood, stone, metal, concrete and fabrics to offer visual and tactile interest.

Outdoor Connection

Most everyone wants to have a connection with the outdoors. A popular desire is to have sliding glass doors to the outside or large windows that maximize views. For other, more attainable ideas for all the use of wallpaper prints that recall nature along with natural materials and colors can be a great solution. 


Built-in cabinets that are custom made provide homeowners with storage as a finished look. This is why they’re one of the top design features professionals recommend in a living room.

4 Ways to Save Money Buying a Home in Today’s Market

For some people looking to buy a home these days it can seem like a very expensive endeavor. Home prices are still higher and mortgage rates have climbed into the 6% range for a 30-year fixed which is a lot higher than they have been in recent years. Furthermore, some economists are speculating that home prices will continue to rise year over year in 2023. Given these facts you may want to consider some ways that you can save some money during this transaction. Here are a few ideas. 

Low Down Payment Loan

Nowadays many homebuyers are not able to put a full 20% down towards their home purchase. However, the good news is that you may be able to qualify for a loan that requires a lot less. An FHA loan allows you to get away with putting as little as 3.5% down, but you just need to have a good enough credit score (above 580). A loan such as this will have some other guidelines to follow or requirements such as mortgage insurance.

Down Payment Assistance Programs

If coming up with a down payment is a large hurdle for you, look into assistance programs in your area. Some of these programs do low or zero interest loans or provide money towards your upfront costs. Eligibility is based on credit and household income. These programs vary but some do require you to take a course as well as be in an approved location. 

Down Payment Gift

Some buyers are fortunate to have family members who can help with a downpayment as a gift. This is permitted but there are guidelines. Lenders will want to confirm that this is in fact a gift and that it is not required to be paid back as that can affect your loan qualification. A gift letter stating this will be required as well as evidence of the transfer of funds. While there is no limit to what you can accept as a gift, if more than $15,000 then the family member will need to file a gift tax return to disclose it.

Auctions and Short Sales

With inventory still on the slim side, it is wise to keep an open mind about the property you are looking for. Buying a home at an auction is great as it can be a quick sale and still get to pick the price. A short sale can also be a way to save as banks are looking to liquidate for what they are owed which is often for less than market value. These types of properties are not as common to find these days but another option is to look for a home in need of updating. These homes should be priced lower and you can always make updates over time which saves you up front.

5 Strategies For Making Moving Easier

Any kind of move whether it is down the street or to a town far away can be a stressful experience. However, with the right planning you can make moving day go very smoothly. Here are five tips for helping you achieve success.

Have a plan

Like any big event, everything starts with making a list. Make a checklist of everything you need to do but also include deadlines for each item. Be sure to include things like when to arrange movers, when to have items packed, when to change your address and so forth. You will rest easily knowing what you need to do and also have a sense of accomplishment when you check off items that you complete.


Your move will certainly be easier if you lessen the load. Go through your home room by room and start to declutter. Either throw out, donate or sell any unwanted items that you know won’t be needed or will not fit in your new home. This will save you time and money in the long run. If you can sell anything you can even make some money!

Label boxes

Packing your things away by room and by category is going to make your move so much easier. For one, movers will know what room to place each box in. When unpacking you will know what goes where and which box to start with when they are labeled by room and by the type of contents.

Make an Essentials Box

You will not be able to pack everything away as some things are essential to have on hand. This includes clothes for moving day, toiletries, medications and the like. Think about the items you will need for yourself and your family and make one box or bag for these things and keep it with you instead of putting it in the moving truck.

Hire Professionals

Hiring a professional moving company can be a real stress reducer for your move. Hiring a company that is reputable, insured and well known in your area can really take the burden off of you on moving day. You can hire them just to move your items or to help pack them as well. Chances are you may have to get friends or family members to help you, so why not spend some money on hiring professionals with the right tools to get the job done right with your valuables well protected. 

What To Include In Real Estate Contracts

If you are looking to make a real estate purchase soon, it is important to know what to pay attention to in your contracts. With a home purchase being one of the biggest investments that you may make in your life, it is crucial that these legal documents have you fully protected. Here is a closer look at those details.

Contract Basics

All contracts should clearly list some basic information about the parties involved. The property address, contact information for buyer and seller along with government issued ID numbers for each party. Of course the agreed upon sale price, earnest monies paid and important dates should all be recorded.

Terms and Conditions

The main part of the contract should address all terms and conditions that are associated with the home purchase. This should include things like how disputes get resolved should they arise during or after closing along with spelling out any contingencies for repairs or the like that should be completed prior to closing. Furthermore, be sure the contract states who is responsible for closing costs. These can change from deal to deal as sometimes they get negotiated during the deal. 


Other than outlining the standard contractual obligations, your contracts should include contingency clauses that protect your interests in case something unexpected occurs prior to closing day. For example, it is not uncommon for buyers needing their current home sold before they can buy another one. Should this be the case then you should make sure that includes a “Sale of Buyer’s Property Contingency” clause that states you won’t be held responsible for purchasing until your current home is sold at an agreed upon price within a specific amount of time. Other standard contingencies include financing approval from banks or lenders, satisfactory home inspections, title insurance coverage being granted without issue and the like. For any questions about how to incorporate contingency clauses into your contract, work with a real estate attorney as they are the experts on using language that will protect your interests.