Hot Home Trends to Watch

Many features, new ideas and designs of interest were presented recently at the International Builders’ Show and the Kitchen and Bath show held in Orlando Florida. Some of the top trends to note were as follows.

Modern Moderation – One concept that was discovered was that not everyone has the same idea when it comes to “modern.” In the end, it is evident that designers, builders and professionals in the industry feel that it is wise to have modern flare without going overboard. In other words adding modern material combinations to an otherwise more traditional home is a way to do some updating without turning off buyers. A popular buzzword at the show was “modern farmhouse.” The useage of farmhouse sinks, reclaimed wooden beams and sliding barn doors bring elements of an older traditional farmhouse while blending with contemporary materials.

Secret Hideaway – In the interest of having a place away from guests for prepping food that can remain cluttered, another term thrown around this year was “the messy kitchen.” This alternative space can be used for your coffee maker, prep station and the like to keep your unsightly “junk.” Designers state that this does not have to be a large space. A smaller section of counter space or even a spot hidden by a sliding barn or pocket door can be ideal.

Open Space Bathrooms – Another concept that was promoted in Orlando was the open shower or “wet bathroom.” Essentially this can be a modern look where there is no definitive barrier to contain a shower. Although this can be space saving in bathrooms where there is less room to erect a wall for the shower, it can also have its drawbacks. For one, it can be challenging to take a steamy shower in a larger space, and it can also be tough to limit the water spray to just the shower area.

Smart Homes – For a little while now we have seen technology advancing where many parts of your home from appliances to HVAC can be controlled by your smartphones. However, we are entering another level of automation with newer devices such as Amazon’s Alexa where devices can be activated by voice commands. Additionally, there are now sensors that exist and will automatically turn on lights at night when they sense a person entering a room. These advances show that controlling your home via your smartphone was just the beginning of how “smart” your home can be.