10 Tips for Moving into Your New Home

Everybody knows that coordinating a move into a new home involves a lot of planning. The good news is it doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. If you follow some tips it can make the process go a lot more smooth when you use them as a checklist. If you are lucky enough to be booking movers then you are in even better shape. Here are 10 tips to assist as you plan your move.

Internet – This is often forgotten by many. If you would like to have internet service as soon as you move in, make sure to schedule this well in advance so that you can assure a timely appointment with the service provider.

Electricity – This is similar to your internet, yet typically easier. Contact the electric utility service company and alert them that you will be setting up an account in your name as of the day you take ownership. Provide necessary details for account setup.

Hire Movers – Do this well in advance so that you have time to gather a few estimates and have the best chance of scheduling them for the dates that you need.

Cleaning – If you have the opportunity to get into your new home before moving day, give it a deep cleaning. This is much easier to do early on before all of your belongings are delivered.

Inspect belongings – Especially if you have hired movers, inspect your items after they have been delivered. Make sure everything is intact as you set each box in its correct room.

Stay organized – It is always best if you have like items grouped together in clearly labeled boxes. This makes it much more streamlined when you unpack. Unpacking all of the essentials first like bedding, clothing and toiletries then tackle secondary items afterwards.

Rekey the locks – You never know how many copies were made and who has them so for peace of mind you may want to have them rekeyed.

Locate circuit breaker – Don’t wait until you blow a fuse at night to find the panel. Locate this ahead of time so you are not fumbling in the dark when and if you need to access it.

Window treatments – Adding blinds or curtains add function and privacy while reflecting your personal taste. If you haven’t decided on any when you move in, use some linen to temporarily provide you with privacy.

Meet the neighbors – Take a break from unpacking and walk outside and introduce yourself to the neighbors. Say hello to anyone you see outside and you will start to feel right at home and part of the community.