How to Purchase a Home Smarter

If you are looking to buy a home you will want to know how to do it in the smartest and quickest way possible. The process can most often take a handful of months as you search the market for homes that are suitable. In today’s market, with inventory being low and buyer demand being high, the process can take several months longer as you continue looking. What if you could trim that time down or in half? Here are some helpful tips on how you can be more efficient with your home purchase.

Let the government assist
One of the most challenging parts of buying a home is saving up the money for a down payment. However, there are several down payment assistance programs out there that you may qualify for. Visit for more details about these options.

Stay current on inventory
Consult with your realtor to be sure you are current on properties as they come available. An agent like myself can set you up on MLS so that you are alerted of new listings in real time, or you can do this on select websites like When a property of interest becomes available on the market, make sure to visit it as soon as possible before the masses.

Consider a foreclosure
These types of properties are becoming more rare to come by these days, however, if you are fortunate enough to locate one then you can potentially save. Foreclosures typically sell for a substantial amount less than a traditional property on the market. These homes are usually sold “as is” but the good news is there is often less competition of buyers.

Prepare financially
Today, closings are taking longer being closer to 50 days as opposed to the 40 a couple of years ago. To ensure that things move quickly, be sure that you are pre-qualified before you even begin searching for homes. Next, be sure that you have all necessary documentation prepared and ready for your lender to complete your loan approval package. Providing these details earlier can help the process move along as quick as possible.