6 Projects to Keep Your Yard from Being Boring

Who doesn’t want to enhance their landscaping while being cost effective and environmentally friendly? While having a lush green lawn is a safe bet for an attractive yard, it can also be a bit boring and lack character. Consider any of these ideas to add some interest while you might actually save money and time.

Shrink your Lawn
More property owners are now replacing their larger lawns for alternatives that don’t need much hydration or maintenance and are more drought friendly. Adding in some hardscapes, low maintenance ground cover or succulents are all great ideas. A move in this direction can save money and time spent on your yard while implementing some exciting focal points.

Add Edible Plantings
When mapping out the plantings in your garden, consider adding in a vegetable or fruit garden. These plants add character to your landscaping while giving you food and herbs. Additionally, many plants of this variety produce pretty foliage and flowers too.

Fire Pit for Gathering
When the weather cooperates, your outdoor space is an extension of your home. Add a firepit to your yard for those fun and relaxing evenings with family or friends.

Add Yard Lighting
Solar powered lighting has really come a long way and is the perfect way to add some interest into your yard. Line a walkway, patio or even spotlight your plantings with these efficient lights. Your home can really stand out at night while the illumination also adds function.

Natural Habitat
Homeowners have gotten a lot more wise over the past years and are no longer trying to force non-native plants into their landscape surroundings. Today, adding other natural or native features is becoming more popular. This includes things like birdhouses, coverage for insects and animals to help camouflage them.