Tips for How to Spruce up Your Home Office

Creating a home office space that is inspiring and organized can certainly help with your productivity. If you are just using a portion of a counter, simple desk with plain chair or the like, it might be a good idea to take some time and consider a facelift. Here are some great tips that will help inspire you throughout the day while you recreate an important part of your home.

Add some life – Trying to work in an area with no life in it makes it hard to feel alive and inspired. You don’t want to add too much for distraction, but try adding some plants for life and color. Any plants could work that are appropriate for the amount of natural light in your home can do. Succulents are always great options as they are very hardy and don’t require much effort to keep them alive.

Add some color – Implementing splashes of color for interest but not distraction is key. Too much can take away from your productivity while not enough will leave the area drab and boring. Ideas include painting the interior of your bookcase, working in colorful decorative items or swapping out monotone furniture for those that are more vibrant.

Words of inspiration – Add some decorative key words or phrases that foster creativity and positive energy. Wall stickers are a great and easy way to tackle this.

Relaxing accents – It may sound odd to make a productive space relaxing. However, transform that stressful energy into positive energy instead. Avoid selecting anything that may make you drowsy like dim lighting. Things like candles or a nice fluffy rug under your feet are good ideas.

Personal touch – Add a level of comfort to your decor. Even if you have created the perfect environment, it can still be ”flat” if you haven’t customized it as yours. Having some photos of family, friends, favorite places or things are great ideas as you add your own personal touch.