All sellers should follow these 5 rules of etiquette

Selling your home does involve a lot of moving parts. Nevermind the details of the new home you are planning on moving into, just cleaning, preparing and staging the home you are trying to sell can be a lot of work on its own. However, the list of things to do does not stop at cleaning. Once your home has been scoured and staged, your behavior once the home is on the market is also something to consider. Here is a look at the top 5 things you should be doing while your home is being actively marketed.

Vacate for showings – When a showing is scheduled, it is always best to leave the house and let the potential buyers view the home on their own. Let them try to envision it with themselves living in it and also be allowed to speak candidly with their agent.

Remove your pets – Nothing is more distracting than a barking dog or cat that follows you around when trying to view a home. Not to mention, some people have allergies that can really put a damper on an otherwise good showing. Take animals with you so that you provide all prospective buyers with the best showing possible.

Parking – Make parking easy for buyers. Be sure to leave easy space for parking for showings and open houses if possible. There is nothing more frustrating than having trouble to park. If someone has to park too far away, they may be turned off and skip the showing altogether.

Provide Documents – The best way to a quick and clean sale is to have information ready and on hand. Make items available like any home warranties, documents on major repairs, utility bills and the like. These are all important things that most buyers will want to know about.

Patience – Some homes take a little longer than others to sell. This means there may be more showings and open houses to prepare for until the perfect buyer walks through the door. Sellers are often eager to get feedback on showings, but sometimes it can take some time while they process all of the homes that they have seen before they are ready to make an offer.

In the end, the more prepared that you are by following steps like these, the better the sale process should be.