The Value of Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Pre-listing home inspections are often overlooked by sellers, but can be a very helpful and smart investment. When done properly, these inspections can really help sellers have a complete and intimate understanding of the current status of their property and they can help you best position the property by knowing what needs to be fixed or repaired. Sellers can then decide if they want to make said repairs or adjust their list price accordingly. Here are some key benefits from having a pre-listing inspection:

Discover Necessary Repairs Needed
A pre-listing home inspection will furnish the sellers with a clear understanding of any potential issues that may be in the home. The inspector will give the seller a list of issues they can both address and fix prior to putting the home on the market or to disclose these issues to potential buyers up front. This will result in saving the seller both time and money.

Save money
A pre-listing inspection will typically cost the same amount of money as your standard inspection. These can provide tremendous value as homeowners will have ample time to address any necessary repairs rather than a few days after a buyer’s inspection. Sellers will also have more time to gather price estimates and select the best price for any needed repairs. Furthermore, sellers can confidently market their home having full knowledge of its condition. This reduces the risk of having a buyer’s inspection pose any surprises where they may ask for money off of the sale price.

Being transparent is a helpful driving force in the selling process. Conducting a pre-listing inspection will help in disclosing to potential buyers and can foster trust with sellers. Being able to have information readily available will make the home more attractive to buyers while helping sellers sell their home more quickly.

In the end the goal of the inspection is to gain full knowledge of any needed repairs and have guidance on how to resolve them. Being able to leverage the experience and knowledge of a professional inspector will help ensure important issues are not overlooked while aiding in a more efficient and smooth real estate transaction.