7 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Our homes are our sanctuaries and we often want to make them as nice as possible. Making each room both functional and aesthetically pleasing increases our enjoyment and also can help prepare your home for a higher resale value should you choose to sell. Here are 7 great ideas to give your bathroom an update.

The sink – Is your sink old, cracked or just plain boring? Consider upgrading it to a modern looking basin or even replacing your vanity for a sleek unit or wall mounted option. This can add a nice look and also make the bathroom appear larger.

Paint until you are blue – Blue is said to lower one’s heart rate so it makes for a great bedroom or bathroom color. Pick a shade that goes well with your existing decor and you can give your bathroom a new look at a very reasonable cost.

The showerhead – A shower can be a great and relaxing experience, especially if you have the right ambiance. The right showerhead can help you achieve this. Many different finishes are available to match your scheme, but look to find a showerhead that can either spray in patterns or even provides a rain like effect.

Natural light – For more significant bathroom remodels, take advantage of being able to let some natural light in with some larger windows if possible. Allowing for natural light can add to an overall spa-like experience and connect you with the outdoors.

Wood floors – Wood floors can be added in whole, part or in design. While true natural wood can be more upkeep, there are other options these days that provide a similar look. Select laminates or even ceramic tiles have a wood-like appearance which can warm up your room. If flooring is not in your budget, consider even a large wood slat bath mat to add to the decor.

Open up the shower – For larger bathrooms, opening up your shower can be a great option. Ditch the curtain and provide an open and airy feel. Be sure to consider a splash area so that you don’t soak the whole bathroom. A glass partition and the right showerhead can help control this.

Wainscoting – Adding wainscoting on the lower half of your bathroom walls can be a nice blend of form and function. This can be created with either a traditional wood material or with tile for a more durable and practical substance.