How to Make Your Home Warm and Welcoming

When you make your home warm and inviting you can feel it the minute you walk in the door. There are many different ways you can add some nice touches to accomplish this which I have outlined below. These ideas can make your home more enjoyable for you and your guests and can even add value when it comes time to sell!

Porch swing – Many homes in South Florida have front porch areas which can be a great place to add a swing. It is a great place to enjoy the outdoors while providing a great look for the front of your home.

Entryways – The entryway of your home is the first place all guests will see. ┬áSet the tone and make this space clutter free and inviting. Consider a bench or chair for one to remove shoes or a small table to display some flowers.

Kitchen – The kitchen is often the heart of the home where everyone gathers. Take a look at how it is now. Can you paint the walls a warm color? Add a centerpiece or flowers to the table?

Decorate bedrooms bed and breakfast style – Clutter can add up in the bedroom with clothes here, books there and laundry piling up. Try painting the room a calming color, adding art or freshening up your linens. Fabric drapes or nicer window treatments can also add a warmer look.

Couches – In your living room, comfort is key. Couches that are cushy with comfortable pillows will always be more inviting. If you have a large enough room, opting for a sectional couch also can add more seating or a larger area to sprawl out on.

Choose the right materials – Some materials age better than others. These include natural things like leather, wood and even woven baskets. Instead of you or your guests worrying about where they can rest a drink or sit, consider choosing comfortable and durable materials to put all at ease.

Create a reading nook – For the times that you need to relax and unwind, consider creating a small and cozy space for reading. Maybe a comfortable chair next to a bookcase with the right lighting can accomplish this in your home.

Lighting – Lighting can really do just the trick when creating a warm atmosphere. Indoors consider putting some of your lights on dimmers. Outdoors you can simply add string lights or add lanterns on any outdoor tables to create the perfect ambiance.