Creating a Safety Checklist for Your New Home

When your moving day is officially set there are many things to be planned. However, your family’s safety should not be overlooked and some things should be considered as you move into your new home. Here are some helpful tips that have been shared by The Red Cross.

Fire escape plan – Assemble a plan for an escape if there should ever be a fire. This should include two ways of vacating the premises as well as two places for all family members to meet. One should be a meeting place immediately outside of the home while the other should be further away in case the area is blocked.

Survival kit – It is a wise idea to have enough food and water for each person in the family for at least three days. In case of any weather related emergencies, this will help you be best prepared.

Severe weather shelter – Locate the safest spot in your home in the event of severe weather. As in South Florida, high winds during hurricane season are something to plan for. For many homes, this may be a certain interior room or a bathroom. Generally rooms that are away from windows are prime for this.

App alerts – There are apps that you can set up on your phone that notify you of weather and safety alerts. For example the Red Cross Emergency App allows you to set preferences based on your actual location so that you can be notified of any potential disasters in your area.

Assess your risk – When you are unpacking in your new house, bear some thoughts in mind. Avoid overloading power outlets or running wires under area rugs. Always be sure that your smoke alarms are charged and working well.